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BSM Theory Test - Free Edition BSM Theory Test - Free Edition BSM Theory Test - Free Edition BSM Theory Test - Free Edition BSM Theory Test - Free Edition BSM Theory Test - Free Edition

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Become a safer driver and prepare for your theory test using your Android device!
The Theory Test application by the BSM enables you to prepare for your theory test by allowing you to practice the official Driving Standards Agency (DSA) questions and even take a test which is designed to be just like the real test situation!
This app is a taster for the full version for the car driving theory tests – yet still allows you access up to 70 of the official DSA questions!
Features include –
Easy to use interface with your progress displayed and test time left. If you stop the test you can continue where you left off ...or start a new test.
Question bank - of 70 of the latest official DSA questions from the official test!
Practice questions – Choose in increments of 10 the amount of questions you’d like to practice on, so if you’re in a hurry you can always do a few at a time before being ready to try test mode!
An explanation of the answer is shown if you get the answer wrong.
Scoring – At the end of each test you are given a percentage score and will know if it’s enough for you to pass or fail.
Test Mode – Designed to mimic the actual test conditions – 50 questions in 50 minutes! Timed so you know how long it’s taken to complete and scored so you know what your pass rate is!
Your best and worst category is displayed at the end of the test so you know where to concentrate your revision learning on.
Large Images – Making them easier to see on the Android screen!
Settings – You can change whether you select 'next' or move to next question automatically.
- You can also change if you are alerted to the correct answer.
At the end of all tests you can view all the questions you took, see which you got right and which you got wrong, and see an explanation for the correct answer.
It’s the very best way to prepare for your theory test! - as recommended by 97% of Driving Instructors!*
In the full version
We don't just give you a sample of questions we give you the option to see ALL of the 900+ questions, by category. That way you will get to see the questions that you will get on your actual test! Now that may sound like cheating but we want you to be safest driver you can be and learn as much as you can about driving safely and the Highway Code. So you can revise all questions – the entire official question bank of over 970 questions presented to you by category ...so no surprise questions!
* Please see our website for details (http://www.abellearning.com)
Crown copyright material reproduced under licence from the Driving Standards Agency which does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction
这个程序是一个品酒师的完整版本的汽车驾驶理论考试 - 但你仍然可以访问多达70官方DSA问题!
其特点包括 -
问题银行 - 70官方最新的DSA问题的官方测试!
练习题 - 请选择增量的量的问题,你想练习,所以,如果你有急事,你可以总是做了几个前一次准备尝试测试模式!
得分 - 在每次测试结束,您将得到一个百分比分数,就会知道,如果它足够让你及格或不及格。
测试模式 - 设计,以模仿实际测试的情况 - 在50分钟内的50个问题!定时,所以你知道它有多长的完成,取得了让你知道你的合格率是!
大图片 - 使他们更容易在Android屏幕上看到的!
设置 - 您可以更改您是否选择“下一步”,或自动移动到下一个问题。
    - 您也可以更改,如果你警觉到了正确的答案。
这是最好的方式来准备理论考试! - 所建议的97%的驾驶教师!
我们不只是给你一个样的问题,我们给你的选项来查看所有的900 +问题,按类别。这样,你将能看到的问题,你会得到你的实际测试!现在听起来像是作弊,但我们希望你是最安全的驱动程序,你可以和学习尽可能多的,你可以安全驾驶和公路法。所以,你可以修改的所有问题 - 整个官方题库超过970呈现给你的问题​​按类别...所以毫不奇怪的问题!

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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