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Beacon of the Night Sample

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Beacon of the Night Sample Beacon of the Night Sample Beacon of the Night Sample Beacon of the Night Sample

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Rescued by a lighthouse keeper, Alex must leave his darkness behind for love.
Book 1 - Beacon of the Night
This is the fist chapter of Dawn Luedecke's
The Light Saving Series
If you enjoy the first chapter the rest of the short story is available on Android Marketplace, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books to Go Now
Beacon of the Night
The Guardian, Robin Hood, and Pirates all rolled into one.
Alex is the Captain of The Justice, a ship that only seems to go out during the storms. When he is shipwrecked just off the Coast of Washington, he is rescued by the Lighthouse Keeper, who happens to be one of the most beautiful women he has ever met. Brave, strong, and in need of protection, he can’t help but want to stay. But each new day that goes by is one closer to when he has to leave. He won’t stay, won’t listen to his heart and put her in danger, even if it means dashing all of her hopes in life. For he harbors a secret, one that he believes makes him undeserving of her love. She becomes his beacon of the night as he watches from the dangerous waves of his life. Can he overcome his darkness and reunite with the light?
Genre: Historical Romance
Word Count: Approx. 7,000 for each book
Length: Short Story
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