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Elsati's Reward

Elsati's Reward

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Elsati's Reward Elsati's Reward Elsati's Reward Elsati's Reward

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The Elsati Motto: give me danger or give me death. Will adventures yield reward?

This is a Free download of the first story in the Silver-eyed Lion. A great new fantasy series:

Elsati's Reward:
Fisk, a veteran of the Eighth Imperial Regiment of Elsati, finds himself at the threshold of the enchanted Van-Hoon Estate. Why?
Because none have returned alive.
His goal: Infiltrate the structure, retrieve the illustrious Treasure, defeat its infamous Guardian, and be the first to return alive.
But will he get more than he bargained for?

Elsati’s Reward - D. J. Richter
Genre: Fantasy
Word Count: 4,549
Length: Short Story

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