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Pink Floyd Lyrics

Pink Floyd Lyrics

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Pink Floyd Lyrics Pink Floyd Lyrics Pink Floyd Lyrics Pink Floyd Lyrics Pink Floyd Lyrics Pink Floyd Lyrics

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This app is for Pink Floyd fans everywhere.
This app not only has lyrics and other information about all Pink Floyd songs, but it provides a simple interface with numerous ways to find the lyrics you want as fast as possible. The app has no splash screen, so it opens immediately and provides 5 basic ways to find your lyrics:
-"Browse Songs" will bring up a list of all songs in alphabetical order.
-"Browse Albums" will bring up a list of albums to choose from, followed by a list of songs on the album you selected.
-"Recent History" keeps track of your 25 most recently viewed songs.
-"Favorites" allows you to save your favorite songs for super-fast access to the lyrics.
-"Search" will allow you to search for the name of a song or some words in the lyrics.
Browse lyrics from the following albums:
-- A Momentary Lapse of Reason
-- A Saucerful of Secrets
-- Animals
-- Atom Heart Mother
-- Meddle
-- Obscured by Clouds
-- Point Me At The Sky
-- Soundtrack from the Film More
-- The Dark Side of the Moon
-- The Division Bell
-- The Final Cut
-- The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
-- The Wall
-- Ummagumma
-- Wish You Were Here
-- Zabriskie Point Soundtrack
-- And some unreleased tracks as well!
Support Pink Floyd by purchasing merchandise from their official store (see the "About" page in the application).
This application requires two permissions:
FULL INTERNET ACCESS - For advertisements only
VIEW NETWORK STATE - For advertisements only
If you have no internet access, you can still access every song in the database, but the advertisements will not appear.
Just search "BurkeApps" in Google Play to see my other apps. Be sure to click the advertisements to support the development of this application and other BurkeApps. Thanks for your support!

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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