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Christmas Postcards!

Christmas Postcards!

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Christmas Postcards! Christmas Postcards! Christmas Postcards! Christmas Postcards! Christmas Postcards!

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Requirements: Compatible with Android OS 2.2 and onwards.
Christmas is quickly approaching and the team at Butlins holiday resorts have joined up with Santa Claus to bring you this snowy, festive version of the popular app, Postcards!
With this handy app you can send e-postcards wishing your friends and family warm holiday wishes from your ski holiday or anywhere else in the world — or just from your kitchen while you are sipping mulled wine!
You can write the postcard, create a list of people to send it to, and then tailor the postcard for each person. Send directly by email or put the ecard on your Facebook Wall so everyone back home will know what a wonderful time you’re having.
• Snap a photo then and there, use a photo from your camera roll, or use one of the Christmas Butlins images provided (including vintage ones too!)
• Choose from one of four festive frames and stamps for your e-card
• Write your own postmark or use the 'Happy Christmas' one
• Send by email or put on your Facebook Wall
• Write the main postcard message, then make a list of your friends and family who will receive the postcard and tailor for each person – saving you precious holiday time – or simply send the same epostcard to everyone
• Use Wi-Fi or 3G to send your postcards – so if you want to send from abroad you can just connect to Wi-Fi and not pay a penny!
• Save your drafts for later in case you just have to take a break to eat a mince pie
• See which postcards you've already sent, and send again to other people if you want
• Share the app by email, Facebook or Twitter
• Includes a history of Butlins and a link to request a brochure

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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