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MIDI Voyager free

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MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free MIDI Voyager free

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"MIDI Voyager free" delivers a high playback and visualisation performance:+ Play MIDI files using any SF2 soundfont (one is already included)+ Karaoke: *.kar and *. mid files, support for many charsets (cyrillic, greek, arabian, ...) + Auto detect voice melody track with the option to mute it automatically+ piano keys: scrollable and zoomable + Gapless and beat accurate looping because ofquantisation feature. Loops are also shiftable while playing !+ Create markers to quickly navigate to specific file positions - Give a name for each marker, eg. "solo", "reprise"...+ Transpose the MIDI file (can be stored for each MIDI file! )+ Tracks control: Mute or solo specific tracks/instruments or assign other instruments! + Change the tempo during playback while maintaining relative tempo changes+ Choose midi notes visualisation: pitch range or instrument/midi channel + Various auto scrolling modes and continuous zooming+ ...+ Designed for tablets and smartphones Soundfont Player:-----------------The soundfont that ships with this app offers acceptable sounds (better than those of the Android default synthesizer). Because of its small size of ~ 3 MB it loads pretty fast, consumes less CPU and therefore can also be used on slower devices.Any soundfont of file format "sf2" can be used, also compressed soundfonts (wavpack or flac). Just search the internet for "soundfont collections- there are many available for free! Visualizer:-----------By coloring the notes depending on their pitch the harmonic development, different tonal areas / modulations / key changes become visible at a glance! Even large MIDI files (eg. a symphony) will be visualized in 2-3 seconds ! Also so called "black midi" files (up to million notes or more) can be played back completely. Only the number of notes to display needs to be limited. You can set this number -> Try how many notes your device can take (e.g. with Nexus 7 up to 400.000 notes)MIDI file user settings----------------------All loops, markers, instrument/track assignments are stored in a separate settings file. Each time a MIDI file gets loaded it will search for an existing settings file. Support & Feedback------------------The "Help & Info" menu inside the app offers a form to submit feedback, ie. ask a question, make a suggestion or report a bug. Alternatively you can send your concern directly to info@bytebolt.com And finally, if you like this app - RATE IT !Keywords: Midi, player, Loops, Karaoke

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Android 2.3.7 以上
Google Play提供

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