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Music 2 Notes Converter

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Music 2 Notes Converter Music 2 Notes Converter Music 2 Notes Converter Music 2 Notes Converter

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Find that note in a song you want to master visually.
Easily find the note in a song, and accelerate your learning of playing a song. M2NC listens using your microphone and plots the pitches that it hears to the common musical staff.
Converting To midi is tough, too tough for now. I got exciting news, recording is here :). No audio playback yet :(, If you have suggestion, feedback, criticism and etc... Feel free to email bzgames4 (at) gmail.com.
As you scroll down the lower pitches are shown, as you scroll up, higher pitches are shown. Roughly In the middle is the human voice, where you can see the decomposition of tho pitches that your voice is composed of by humming into the microphone.
Notes are represented by a green line. Which slides left on the staff. A green line on A4 means that your phone hears a sound with a pitch that you will play on a musical instrument as A4. The more green the louder the pitch and the more invisible the quieter the pitch is heard.
** Use Cases **
You can use it to practice playing an instrument if you know how to read notes, but will not tell you if its a sharp or flat that you are playing unless you are ambitious enough to master matrix mode of M2NC (See limitation 6).
Find out the composition of pitches that make up your voice
Find out the note of that song you are trying to master (see limitation 6 & 2)
If you master matrix mode, you can tune your instrument (see limitation 2)
** Limitations **
There are some limitation I would like to address so you will not get disappointed.
1 - Most forms of music that you listen to everyday have lots of notes being played at the same time. And seeing it all in one screen will be difficult to try and master the tune of 1 particular instrument.
2 - Some instruments like guitar, are not easily computed and you will not see anything useful. The best detected instruments are soft like the flute, recorder, violin and etc... Like wise a song with many instruments will not work very well. A song with around 3 instruments will work fine.
3 - This is very processor bound application, and the weakest device M2NC has been tested on is HTC Legend which has a cpu of 600 MHz ARM 11 processor. If you have an older device its best not to get this app. M2NC has been heavily optimized to be smooth on devices as old as HTC however its already reaching such devices processing capability (IE on the edge of what the CPU can handle)
4 - Microphone quality is a large factor in display of musical notes.
5 - It may not always be so easy to calibrate using the 2 sliders at the top, away from external noise. See calibrating section for info.
6 - Sharp and Flat notes are detected but not shown in this version. In a later version perhaps different colors for sharp and flat will be represented. However the algorithms used are tuned to those frequencies. There is a matrix mode where you can see all frequencies that are not shown in staff mode.
7 - There is no recording/playback functionality. This and other features will be included in the paid version.
Aside from these limitations its a fun toy. From a technical stand point its tuned and optimized for standard musical note frequencies where A4 = 440 hz.
New version is coming in a couple months with a name change ... This is my hobby project, thank you for your patience :)
Company/Product name suggestions are welcome.

Music 2 Notes Converter 更新内容

- Bug fixes
- Bug fixes
- improved noise
- Improved Play Back & Recording.
- Notes do not disapear on playback anymore
- other bug fixes & improvements
- Name change from Music 2 Notes to Sound Sight

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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