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Irish Cabbage Lite

Irish Cabbage Lite

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Irish Cabbage Lite Irish Cabbage Lite Irish Cabbage Lite

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Provides quick and easy use of your free web text(SMS) from Irish mobile providers Meteor,Vodafone,o2, 3, eMobile and Tesco mobile. O2 UK and Telenor Serbia are also supported If you have a problem or a question please email cabbagetexting@gmail.com as there is no way to respond to comments Features- Send web texts for Meteor, O2, Vodafone, Three, eMobile, Tesco Mobile, O2 UK and Telenor Serbia- Create contact groups for sending messages to multuiple people- Send real SMS for numbers that don't work with web text (e.g. 5xxxx numbers) or if web text is not working- Schedule messages- Long press the send button to temporarily override the default account and send with another account- Assign a contact to an account so that all messages sent to that contact to be sent using the chosen account- Add signatures to messages Notes:The app requires permission to write APN settings to work around connectivity problems with O2's network. The app will not currently work for O2 customers using their phones abroad due to a security measure introduced no the O2 website. Contact cabbagetexting@gmail.com for a workaround. Vodafone now requires that a 'captcha' image be completed before sending the first text of a session. The image will pop up and can be completed within the app. This should not have to be done for every text Three customers must register with the Three network's new webtext system at http://webtexts.three.ie and update their account in the app with their new pin to continue sending messages

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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