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Experience the Power of God's Word on the go!
(This is not a stand-alone App & can also be downloaded directly through the free "CadreBible - Bible Software" App with many other resources.)
The NET Bible® (bible.org) is a completely new translation of the Bible with 60,932 translators notes. It was completed by more than 25 scholars, experts in the original biblical languages.
The NET Bible (Limited Notes) includes:
* Notes on the 1st Chapter of each book and the 1st Six Verses of all the other Chapters.
* View NET in Parallel with other Bibles and Commentaries in the CadreBible Library.
* Create Your Own NET Reading Plan.
* No Internet Connection required to read (off-line).
* Large Library of OFF-LINE Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries, Cross-References, Reading Plans, Devotionals, Children's Bible Stories and other resources available within ONE app.
* 2 or 3 touch Verse Picker with options for Quick Pick, Full Names, Alphabetic listing & Colour/White text.
* OFF-LINE Reading Plans or “Create My Own Plan”. Select any installed Bible to read in your Plan and track progress with our off-line colour coded calendar. Full access to all features (eg. Bookmarks, Notes, Highlights, Links, Parallel…) in Reading Plan.
* Parallel View. Compare multiple Bibles and/or Commentaries on one screen for further study.
* Search. Sophisticated Search feature including fully functional Chinese search.
* Greek and Hebrew texts (SBL Greek New Testament, Scrivener, Westcott-Hort, Septuagint, Tanach & more) with built-in fonts.
* Bookmarks, Notes, Save: Single or Multi-verses. Sort into colour coded Categories, fully editable. Notes Search.
* On-line Notes: Create, View, Edit or Delete CadreBible Notes at cadrebible.com. (Not available for Android 4.0)
* Create Sessions during a Sermon/Bible Study. Add more Notes and Verses to the Session at any time in the future.
* Highlight words, phrases or verses using our full colour spectrum.
* Underline words, phrases or verses.
* Share verses via Facebook, Twitter, SMS, E-mail, Printer and other.
* Syncronisation
1. Evernote Sync: Access and Edit your Notes anywhere anytime from your PC.
2. Free CadreBible Sync Service: Access your Bookmarks, Notes, Sessions, Highlights & Underlines on multiple devices.
* Copy multiple verses to clipboard for later use.
* Text-To-Speech. Reads Bible text to you as an audio alternative. Set preferred TTS Speed, Pitch and Volume. Install your own TTS app from the Market for different voices and accents. Android 1.6 and above.
* Auto-Scroll. Automatically scrolls Bible text and turns to the next page. Set preferred Auto-Scroll Speed.
* History. Store browsing History for future navigation and set storage limit. Browse using Back Arrow, if preferred.
* Backup and Restore (Bookmarks, Notes, Sessions, Highlights, Underlines & Reading Plans) to SD Card or On-line at cadrebible.com. CadreBible automatically Backs-up to SD Card. This feature can be turned off in Settings.
* Numerous custom Settings including: Font Size, Colour of: Font, Background, Links, Verse Numbers, Words of Christ (in books that support Words of Christ in Red). Save your own Colour Themes. Auto-rotate Screen, Keep Screen on, Show/Hide Icons, Superscript Verse No’s and others settings available.
* Full Screen. Double tap to show/hide Drawer Tabs.
* Help. Off-line help available within the application. Visit forums at http://forums.cadreworks.com.
* Includes Free books: KJV, ISV, NET, ASV, BBE, CUV(和合本),RCUV_NT, SBL GNT, WEB, YLT, Tanach, Bible for Children, Strong's Dictionaries, Matthew Henry's Commentaries, People's New Testament, ISBE, Torrey's, Webster’s 1913, Spurgeon, Josephus and more.
Keywords: Cadre Bible Offline Off-line Bible Bible Study Tool Bible Reader CadreWorks Children's Bible Stories Children Bible Hebrew Greek Lexicon

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