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Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ Contacts3 EZ

Contacts3 EZ 描述

Welcome to Contacts3 EZ
From Android 1.5(Cupcake) to Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean), one app rules them all! You can upgrade or downgrade your phones/tablets and be able to keep the same elegant Contacts3 EZ user interface.
★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★
* It is the best app for searching your contacts/phonebook and call log.
*Unique organization search capability - you can search contacts by organizations. A person belonging to multiple organizations will be listed under each organization.
* Tabbed Browsing – view phonebook/contact list, contact info and notes on different tabs.
* With a few taps, you can easily locate friends by first name, last name or any combination of characters.
* It is easy to find all calls made to any of your friends.
* Simple and consistent user interface.
* Four different dynamic color themes allow you to personalize this app's look to your tastes.
* SIP Calls – make internet phone calls using popular apps: Sipdroid, Csipsimple or Google Sip. Internet calling is especially useful for many tablets that cannot make phone calls using the stock android contacts application. Check our facebook page - http://contacts3.calpanda.com on "How to setup free calls with Google Voice?". This is like having an extra phone.
* In addition to English, menus in the following East Asian languages are supported in this release: 한국어, 中文 简体, 中文 繁体, 日本语.
* No Call Log - at the end of a call, put you back on your contact screen rather than call log.
* For android 2.2 and above, app can be moved to SD card.
* Our user guide is always available on your device. You can read it anytime without using up your internet bandwidth.
Contacts3 EZ runs on Android phones and tablets. It detects and optimizes based on your version of Android.
Contacts3 EZ uses a simple and yet powerful interface to manage your contacts (phone numbers, email addresses, IM, notes, etc.). The advanced contact search interface is a major improvement over the stock version.
Most of the user interface should be self explanatory. Please read through the User Guide under Tools/Instructions.
We hope you enjoy this application and encourage us with
★★★★★ rating.
Please contact us (support@calpanda.com) before entering any negative remarks. We will work with you to resolve the issues. We are committed to provide the best support.
Usage Notes:
Please note that this app requires that your phone/tablet has license for Google applications. If your device does not have a "Contacts" app, this app is unlikely to work on your device.
For Android 2.3 users, this app does not automatically clear "missed call" notifications as was done in earlier Android versions. This was because Google has added further security restrictions in the 2.3 release of Android. Users will have to clear the "missed call" notifications manually.
Copyright(c) 2011-2013 CALPANDA Engineering LLC, CA, USA
欢迎来到Contacts3 EZ
从Android 1.5(蛋糕)的Andr​​oid 4.X(冰淇淋三明治,果冻豆),一个应用进程的规则,他们所有!您可以升级或降级你的手机/平板电脑和能够保持同样优雅的Contacts3 EZ用户界面。
*独特的组织能力 - 你可以搜索联系人的组织。一个人属于多个组织将列出在每一个组织。
*标签式浏览 - 查看电话簿/联系人列表,在不同的选项卡上的联系方式和注意事项。
* SIP电话 - 网络电话使用流行的应用进程:Sipdroid,Csipsimple的或谷歌SIP。网络电话是特别有用的,不能使电话使用股票的Andr​​oid联系人应用进程的许多片。查看我们的Facebook页面 - http://contacts3.calpanda.com上的“如何设置免费电话与谷歌语音?”。这就像有一个额外的电话。
*无通话记录 - 在通话结束时,将在您的联系人屏幕,而不是通话记录。
*为Android 2.2及以上版本,应用进程可以移动到SD卡。
Contacts3 EZ Android手机和平板电脑上运行。它可以检测和优化的Andr​​oid版本的基础上。
Contacts3 EZ使用一个简单,但功能强大的界面来管理您的联系人(电话号码,电子邮件地址,IM,票据等)。先进的接触式的搜索界面是一个重大改进的股票版。
对于Android 2.3的用户,这个应用进程不会自动清除“未接来电”通知,在早期的Andr​​oid版本。这是因为谷歌已经发布的Andr​​oid 2.3增加了更多的安全限制。用户必须手动清除“未接来电”通知。
版权所有(c)2011-2013 CALPANDA工程有限责任公司,CA,USA

Contacts3 EZ 更新内容

* Major enhancement – search contacts by organizations (companies). All organizations are listed in alphabetical order. If a person belongs to multiple organizations, the person will be listed under each organization.
* There is a new option under “Settings” that lets you display the phone’s dial pad before making a call. If you prefer “1-click” dialing, just un-check this option.
* Please refer to the updated user guide (instructions) for more details.

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通讯社交 电话通讯
Android 1.5.0 以上

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