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Celsius Soap Client

Celsius Soap Client

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Celsius Soap Client Celsius Soap Client

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This is a developer sample, I wouldn't waste my time, unless you need an app that can convert Celsius temperatures to Fahrenheit, but not the other way around, and which also has no error handling and will puke if you type a non-numeric value in the input control. I like Star Trek, but only with Kirk and Spock in it. So, I was really pleased at the new Star Trek movie. Also, being from Iowa, I went to the first convention at Riverside, Iowa to celebrate Kirk's future birthplace. I think that was in like 1988. In July. Boy, was it ever hot in those days in Iowa. Then it started to cool off, and during the period from 1995 to 2008 you could barely ride your motorcycle in the summer without a jacket of some sorts. But lately, it has been blistering heat here again. Most people say "oh it's global warming" but they have short memories, they don't remember how all of July was 100+ degrees. Like when we were kids, blowing up everything with firecrackers. I remember, we would build model cars and airplanes all year long, just for summer and fireworks. We'd put little green army men in the vehicles, crack open inch-and-a-halfers and fill the seats with gunpowder, make long fuses out of the broken firecrackers, and wow when we started lighting that stuff up, was that ever fun. Still have all my fingers, too. And kids, don't try that at home, it's not the 1960's any more, sorry.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Mike Rains

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