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Do you have access to Castlight through your employee benefits plan? If so, you and your dependents can download Castlight Mobile: a personal healthcare dashboard that helps you find affordable and high quality care, anytime, anywhere.
Key features:
Find care - Search for a doctor near you. Results are always in-network and include personalized cost estimates and quality data so you can make choices that are right for you.
Past care - Track your health care spending and claims with at-a-glance information about what you’ve spent and why.
Plan status - Track how much of your deductible you’ve met, see your HSA balance, and review basic information about your health coverage all in one place.
eCard - A medical insurance card is part of the app so you’ll never be without your insurance card again.
Please note:
The Castlight Mobile app is available exclusively to individuals and their dependents who have access to Castlight’s services through their employee benefits program. If you’re not sure if Castlight is part of your employee benefits, contact your employer’s HR or Benefits leader.
About Castlight:
Castlight Health is a trusted third party that connects directly to your insurance plan and does not share your personal information with your employer. Your health information is always confidential and secure.
查找护理 - 搜索您附近的医生。结果总是处于网络,包括个性化的成本估算和质量的数据,因此可以做出的选择,是适合你的。
过去的护理 - 追踪您的医疗保健支出和索赔含有一览有关你已经花了,为什么。
计划状态 - 跟踪有多少你的抵扣,你见过,看你的HSA平衡,并审查在一个地方你的健康保险的基本信息。
电子贺卡 - 医疗保险卡是应用程序的一部分,所以你永远没有你的医保卡了。
Castlight Health是直接连接到你的保险计划,并不会向你的雇主您的个人信息的可信的第三方。您的健康信息始终保密和安全。

Castlight Mobile 更新内容

Version: 3.5.5
1. The plan status page now shows all in-network information for you and your family so you can easily see spend-to-date and plan phase for each family member
2. We’ve made it easier to contact a Castlight Guide by placing a support option in the global menu
3. Miscellaneous bug fixes

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Android 4.3 以上
Google Play

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