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Taxi Driver Droid Free

Taxi Driver Droid Free

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Taxi Driver Droid Free Taxi Driver Droid Free Taxi Driver Droid Free Taxi Driver Droid Free Taxi Driver Droid Free

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Taxi Drivers can loose the clipboard

*** Taxi Driver Droid ***

For people who drive Taxi Cab's and want to track:
*Money collected and tips
*Pickups & Drop off addresses and times
*Miles driven
*Scheduled pickups

* Super fast address input screen that uses multiple data sources to auto-complete your typing.
* Super fast pickup time input screen for scheduling pickups.
* Detailed history reports of past shifts.
* Tip history report by date range
* Automatically fills in drop off and pickup address if they are left blank.
* Launch navigation for current driving destination from within the app


Please see our reviews of "Delivery Droid", this is a new app which was suggested to me by a driver who contacted me and provided me with a description of how he wanted it modified for taxi drivers.

We listen to our customers! We believe great software must be designed by those who are using it, not by engineers. So we rely on your feedback to improve this app.

If you find some way in which to make this app better please let us know and we will make the changes.


Never again wonder how much money you made! You cant use information about your past to improve your future if you are not sure what it is.


If you re considering Taxi Driver App which has ability to record daily tips. Try Taxi Droid instead.

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此版本中的新功能:Fixed a bug where entering an address with a comma in it would cause the app to crash on restart.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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