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*MTN App Of The Year 2014 Finalist.
1. What is the Yellow Pages App for?
Yellow Pages SA is a South African app which helps you connect to the best businesses in your area, fast. With our app you will have all important contact info and tools at your fingertips like GPS Navigation, Maps, Telephone Directory, plus more. This is the trusted Yellow Pages book everyone knows and loves, combined with modern technology, and shrinked to fit right into your pocket.
2. With the latest app version you will find great new features such as:
- New GPS turn by turn navigation so you can drive right to the business of your choice
- New "Map" tab to discover new businesses via a map view
- User accounts that are synced with your web profile
- Fresh new look and design features
- Add business listing from the app
- Sync your Yellow Pages web profile with the app's profile
- Improved search result quality, and accuracy to region
3. See what people are saying about the app:
***** by ErikdeBruin - Amazed!!! So blady brilliant! Finnally! About time... Just so easy and free? One sould pay?thanx!
***** by Biggestbossfan - Magnificent app. Should be paid it is so good
***** by HiperX9 - Works! It works great. Used it already!
***** by iOddJobBob - So useful! Great app! Love how easy it is to use! Love the directions and the map!
4. Do you like these apps?
If you are a fan of these following great apps, you will love the Yellow Pages App as it offers everything these apps do plus some additional features:
- Google Maps
- SA Phonebook (1023)
- TomTom Southern Africa
- Garmin Smartphone Link
- Waze Social GPS, Maps & Traffic
- Navfree GPS Live South Africa
- Stava
- Telmap Navigator - FREE sat nav system
5. Why is the Yellow Pages SA app the best?
Not only are we South Africa’s largest online database of local businesses and services, but our state-of-the-art intuitive search function allows for quicker, more accurate results. Yellow Pages also allows you to create your own unique profile where you can save custom business info like private Notes. Here you can store preferred supplier lists, rate businesses and services and have access to your complete search history.
So whether it’s a plumbing emergency or a quest for the lowest quote, start your search at Yellow Pages - for local trusted results.
Use Trudon to advertise your business. Yellow Pages, The Phone Book, Yellow Pages Mobile and the 10-11-8 telephony inquiries are at your service. For a targeted interface with buyers, there is the CitySearch lifestyle site and Maps & Directions. For online sales, we can set up an effective website for you - and even drive customers to it. In the happening world of mobile we have search facilities and customised applications. If you’re looking for a dynamic partner in the new media space, we’re tech-savvy and innovative, yet experienced and trusted, and ready to do mutually beneficial deals. To find out more contact us using this form: http://www.trudonhome.co.za/corp/business-advertising
6. Having a hard time finding the Yellow Pages SA app in the app store?
All you need to do when doing a search in the Google Play app store, add the keywords "SA" or "South Africa". E.g. "yellow pages SA". This should make our app rank number 1.
7. Are you in love yet?
If you are in love with our app, please return the favour and give us a rating. If you have any feedback you can also contact our support at MobiSupport@trudon.co.za.
* MTN APP的2014年入围。
- 新的GPS转由turn导航,所以你可以开车到您所选择的业务
- 新的“地图”选项卡通过一个地图视图,以发现新的业务
- 正在同步到您的Web Profile的用户帐户
- 全新的外观和设计特点
- 从应用程序新增业务上市
- 同步与应用程序的配置文件的黄页网站简介
- 改进搜索结果的质量和准确性,以区域
*****由ErikdeBruin - 惊讶!所以blady辉煌! Finnally!关于时间......只是如此简单和免费的吗?前人的精力一付?感谢名单!
*****由Biggestbossfan - 壮丽的应用程序。应支付它是那么好
*****由HiperX9 - 作品!它的伟大工程。用它了!
*****由iOddJobBob - 如此有用!伟大的应用程序!爱是多么容易使用!爱的方向和地图!
- 谷歌地图
- SA电话簿(1023)
- TomTom的南部非洲
- Garmin的智能链接
- Waze的社会GPS,地图及交通
- Navfree GPS直播南非
- Stava的
- Telmap导航 - 免费的卫星导航系统
因此,无论它是一个管道紧急情况或寻求最低的报价,开始黄页的搜索 - 本地信任的结果。
使用Trudon宣传您的业务。黄页,电话本,黄页Mobile和10-11-8电话咨询为您服务。对于购房者有针对性的接口,还有就是城市搜索生活方式网站,地图和路线。对于网上销售,我们可以建立一个有效的网站为你​​ - 甚至客户吸引到它。在移动的世界发生的事情,我们有搜索工具和定制应用。如果你正在寻找新的媒体空间动态的合作伙伴,我们是精通技术和创新,但经验丰富,值得信赖,并准备做互惠互利的交易。要了解更多使用这种形式与我们联系:http://www.trudonhome.co.za/corp/business-advertising
6.有一个很难找到在App Store黄页SA的应用程序?

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Android 1.5 以上

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