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策略防御艺术HD 截图

策略防御艺术HD 策略防御艺术HD 策略防御艺术HD 策略防御艺术HD 策略防御艺术HD

策略防御艺术HD 描述

Real time strategy, tower defense and adventure rpg fuse in one ultimate game: Defense Craft.
Especially optimised for large screens.The maps are massive and there are numerous units to control and monsters to battle.HD graphics enhance the dynamic action on screen and bring out the lushness in the varied environments.
Get lost in arid deserts and explore snowy wastelands and don't forget to stop off at some of the exotic islands along the way.Pit your units against ferocious knights, accurate archers, grotesque trolls, fearsome orcs, mighty dragons, horrific skeletons and many other enemies.If your units aren't up to battling these varied foes then train them in your castles to toughen them up. Just like in RPG games your soldiers and towers gain experience and become stronger and harder to kill after every fight they survive.Different towers can be built and upgraded to improve their range, damage, speed and strength.Money greases the wheels of war so if you need more then just
extract it from your goldmines.Defend your different castles at all costs. Epic medieval battles with tens of enemies ;Special units and powerful magic towers.
Real time strategy for tablets and smartphones with big screens.A new breed of RTS strategy games for mobile entertainment that raises the quality bar to unbelievable heights.This game is designed , crafted and published with you in mind!
Searching for a strategy game that ticks all the boxes and more? Disappointed with RoboDefense and GraveDefense? Try this.Every map can be conquered using new and varied strategies.
This game is intended to be hard, so be prepared!
DROIDGAMERS.com: "Hidden Gem. This game blends RTS and Tower Defense into one game with a little RPG wrapped up to finish it off. The graphics will remind you right away of the old PC games you used to play with it's top-down perspective like Ultima while the scenery can be compared to Warcraft 3 or Robo Defense. These combine to bring that old school gaming feel to Android"
ANDROIDPOLICE.com: 35 Best New Android Games. "This is no Age of Empires, but Defense Craft Strategy looks like a pretty good real-time strategy/RPG mix"
Our team has quality tested all of the maps, some of them are really hard, but it is possible
to beat them all with a bit of luck and a lot of skill.If you have difficulties think tactically about different strategies,
or ask for the solutions on our website or... just change the difficulty level:)
If you have any ideas that can be used to improve this game feel free to let us know and we will add it to the game.
Supported tablets: Verizon, ZiiO, Iconia, ViewPad, Transformer, Flyer, Archos, Galaxy Tab, XOOM, Multipad, EliteBook, Streak, ThinkPad, Swift Tab, AT100 and many more...
搜索蜱所有的箱子和更多的策略游戏吗?失望与RoboDefense GraveDefense?尝试this.Every地图可以使用各种新的策略征服。
ANDROIDPOLICE.com:35新的Andr​​oid游戏。 “这是没有帝国时代,但防御工艺策略看起来是一个不错的实时战略/角色扮演混合”
支持片:Verizon公司,ZiiO的Iconia的ViewPad,变压器,传单,爱可视,Galaxy Tab的,XOOM,MULTIPAD,EliteBook系列,数方面,ThinkPad,雨燕“选项卡,AT100和多...

策略防御艺术HD 更新内容

The fresh new update comes to you with so awaiting features like:
- Land zooming (now you can see every unit very precise or take a look on the map from the top).
- Multi-touch support (for all devices with Android 2.2 and higher you can use two finder to select multiple units).

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Android 1.5 以上



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