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MTG Draft Timer

MTG Draft Timer

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MTG Draft Timer MTG Draft Timer MTG Draft Timer MTG Draft Timer MTG Draft Timer

MTG Draft Timer 描述

Play booster draft games with MTG Draft Timer.

MTG Draft Timer is a simple timer, specific to play booster draft games, for the game "Magic: The Gathering".

If you like MTG Draft Timer and want to make a contribution, you can download the donation application (Search for "MTG Draft Timer [Donate]" in the Android Market). Version donation is exactly equal to the normal version. You can also make a donation from the project website, by clicking the "$Donate" link (top right of the main page).

As a regular player of "Magic: The Gathering" booster draft, I searched for a timer for this mode of play. But I didnot find anything like this in the Android Market. So I decided to develop my first app for Android.

Using the MTG Draft Timer is very simple:

After starting the application, you can begin the countdown playing the display or by pressing the "Start" menu of the application. Once you start it, follow the official rules for Booster Draft, after each pack is a review of cards (except the last pack). When you finish the last of the packs, the building deck phase begins.

Clicking the icon in the upper left corner, the current timer is restarted.

Clicking the icon in the upper right corner, the current countdown is canceled and skips to the next.

With the menu option "Round Only", it counts down to a single round of independent play.

The "Reset" menu option restarts the application to the initial values of draft, as are configured in the preferences.

In the "Settings" can be set: the appearance of the application, the time used in each phase of the Booster Draft and the number of rounds.

This application is distributed as free software under license GPL (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html ).

To access the source code, visit:


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MTG Draft Timer 使用技巧

MTG Draft Timer 信息

生活休闲 小工具
Android 1.6.0 以上

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