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iGetAbout- The first smartphone application of its kind for Australia
iGetAbout is a mobile phone application designed to provide the user with a comprehensive guide to travel Australia, it has all the information you will need on where to go… what to do and where to stay.
The application guides you through a list of popular tourist destinations within Australia including:
-Queensland, Brisbane
-New South Wales, Sydney
-Victoria, Melbourne
-Western Australia, Perth
It includes spectacular, popular, tourist destinations such as:
-The Great Barrier Reef
-Ayers Rock (Uluru)
-Gold Coast
-Fraser Island
The application lists over 1,750 things to do, or "tours" to go on, and over 9,400 places to stay. Some of things you will find to do include:
-sky diving
-balloon adventures
-snorkeling & diving adventures
-outback tours
-rainforest tours
-many more, more than you can imagine!
Some of the places to stay include:
-Backpacker Hostels
-Cabins & Cottages
-Bed & Breakfasts
No matter if you are in Australia or planning to come to Australia, iGetAbout will show you things to do and can put you directly in contact with tour operators and accommodation providers.
There's phone numbers, email addresses, web site addresses and maps to show you how to get in contact with, and where the tour operator and accommodation providers are.
Download the application today and... Get About!

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此版本中的新功能:Added a tab to showcase some hot deals from around Australia.

Major rewrite release with many extra features coming soon!

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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