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Photo Auto Uploader

Photo Auto Uploader

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Automatically upload pictures to Picasa or Facebook after pictures are captured.

To run, simply take a picture with your camera. After the picture is taken, a popup will show up allowing you to upload the picture to an album in Picasa, in any of your linked accounts and an album within that account. You can also optionally specify a title for the picture.

The main application will also allow you to turn off the auto uploading feature and to select a different service to upload with. Currently, only Picasa and Facebook are supported. Picasa is the default.

This does not require any permissions and does nothing with any of your device information. This simply receives a message from the camera and sends a message to the Picasa or Facebook uploader already built into the system.

This app is great for saving a copy of all of your pictures to your Picasa account after you take them. In fact, the built-in Picasa app will queue images to be uploaded if you do not have wireless service and will start them back up when service is restored.

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* Should be much smaller now. Removed some assets that were accidentally included in the previous version and bumped up the size.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Chris Streeter

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