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Citibank Australia

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Citibank Australia Citibank Australia Citibank Australia Citibank Australia Citibank Australia Citibank Australia

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Bank anytime, anywhere. Rethink banking.
With Citi’s Mobile App, you are in control of your finances even on the move! Transfer funds, pay bills, view your account balances and access the latest promotions. Our One-Time PIN mobile banking security feature means you’ll always have peace of mind when banking online.
Here’s what the Citi Mobile Banking App offers:
• View your account balances and recent transactions
• View transactions in real-time for credit cards
• Snapshot View - Preview balances and accounts at a glance without signing in
• Select ATM PIN – Self-select or reset your PIN through the app
• Transfer money worldwide and to other bank accounts within Australia
• Pay your bills
• View Live FX rates
• Offline One-Time PIN generator
• Lock your account to your mobile device with One-Time PIN
• Access the Citibank Dining Program
• Access the Online Rewards Platform
• Access Citi World Privileges
New Features:
• Push notifications – Stay on top of your transactions and payments with notifications on your mobile.
• Card Activation – Instantly activate your debit/ credit cards on the move.
With our location based service you can:
• Locate the nearest restaurant offering a complementary bottle of award winning wine as part of the Citibank Dining Program.
• Locate the nearest ATM within the Citibank network within Australia and across Asia.
• Locate the nearest Citigold centre within Australia and across Asia
• Discover a world of preferential treatment, discounts and benefits within Australia and across Asia through Citibank World Privileges.
This mobile app is intended for use by Citi Australia customers only.
•快照视图 - 预览余额和账目一目了然无需登录
•选择ATM PIN - 自我选择或通过应用程序重置您的密码
•推送通知 - 留在你的交易,并与您的手机通知支付的顶部。
•卡激活 - 立即激活您的借记卡/信用卡上移。

Citibank Australia 更新内容

We have heard your feedback and added various functions including a brand new user interface.
Some of the features you can look forward to:
• Preview balances and accounts at a glance and see your last 5 transactions in snapshot view without the need for passwords
• Use the app to self-select or reset your ATM PIN
• Access the brand new Citibank Dining program interface
We're always working to improve your experience and have more updates in the pipeline so please leave your feedback.

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Android 2.3.3 以上
Google Play

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