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GoToAssist (Remote Support)

GoToAssist (Remote Support)

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GoToAssist (Remote Support) GoToAssist (Remote Support) GoToAssist (Remote Support) GoToAssist (Remote Support) GoToAssist (Remote Support) GoToAssist (Remote Support)

GoToAssist (Remote Support) 描述

GoToAssist Remote Support for Android!
Go Mobile with Citrix GoToAssist for Android. Deliver remote technical support directly from your favorite Android device. Instantly connect to computers and solve clients’ technical issues.
New to GoToAssist? Download the free app from Google play and click on "Create Account" at the login screen to provide unlimited live support sessions for free!
Already have a GoToAssist account? Log in with your existing credentials to access your account and connect to your unattended machines.
GoToAssist for Android gives you the freedom to deliver support from anywhere, at any time. Support your customers 24/7 when and where they need help.
1.) Download the GoToAssist app from Google Play and install on your Android device.
2.) Enter your existing GoToAssist credentials.
3.) Don't have an account? Tap on "Create Account" at the login screen to get your free account!
4.) Once logged in, tap on device screen to create a support session when instructed to and have your user go to www.fastsupport.com and enter the remote support ID for your support session or send them an invitation to connect via email. Your user accepts the connection and you can begin to provide remote support.
• Instantly connect to users and their devices to solve problems quickly by directly controlling their computer with the intuitive multi-touch display.
• Start a remote support session directly from your Android device.
• Provide remote support from your Android device quickly and easily. Once the app is installed, enter your existing account credentials and start a support session.
• You can be in the office even when you’re out of the office. With GoToAssist for Android you can connect and resolve technical issues from your favorite Android device to any Mac® or PC.
• GoToAssist for Android comes with free 24/7 Global Customer Support, so you’re never left hanging.
• GoToAssist for Android is backed by Citrix, so you can count on this app working when you need it.
• On-demand remote support (unlimited use from your Android device)
• Intuitive touch and gesture controls
• 400% zoom to see details and operate with precision
• Multitasking
• Full keyboard functionality (including special keys Alt, Ctrl, and Tab)
• Preview text mode for fast typing
• Works seamlessly with existing firewalls - no need for special configuration
• 128-bit AES encryption, dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication
• Connects over 3G and Wi-Fi
• Free 24/7 support
This version of GoToAssist has been certified on the following devices:
• Samsung Galaxy S2
• Samsung Google Nexus S
• Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
• Samsung Galaxy SIII
• Droid Razr
• HTC Evo 4G
• Asus Transformer
• Motorola Xoom
• Droid Bionic
• Droid 4
This version of GoToAssist should be compatible with most devices that meet the following general requirements:
• Android OS 2.3.3 or newer
Remote Computers:
• Internet connection
• Windows® 7, Vista, 2003 server or XP
• Mac OS® X v10.5 (Leopard) or newer
• Internet Explorer® 7.0 or newer, Firefox® 3.5 or newer or Safari™ 3.0 or newer
NOTE: To use this free application, you can sign in with your existing GoToAssist Remote Support credentials or tap on "Create Account" at login screen to sign up for a free mobile plan. You will be able to provide unlimited live support with your free mobile plan and the best part is it doesn't expire!

GoToAssist (Remote Support) 更新内容

Backend support for disabling of features
New in-app feedback survey
Transparency added to toolbar
Additional bug fixes

GoToAssist (Remote Support) 历史版本

  • GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    版本:v1.0.308 Build 460 高速下载
  • GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    版本:v1.0.288 Build 460 高速下载
  • GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    版本:v1.0.253 Build 460 高速下载
  • GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    版本:v1.0.248 Build 460 高速下载
  • GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    GoToAssist (Remote Support)

    版本:v1.0.225 Build 460 高速下载

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GoToAssist (Remote Support) 信息

v1.0.308 Build 460
Android 3.2 以上

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