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CityRat's SF MUNI Rider

CityRat's SF MUNI Rider

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CityRat's SF MUNI Rider 截图

CityRat's SF MUNI Rider CityRat's SF MUNI Rider CityRat's SF MUNI Rider CityRat's SF MUNI Rider

CityRat's SF MUNI Rider 描述

CityRat's MUNI Rider not only predicts the arrival of your next bus/train, but allows you to set up notification for its arrival. Don't want to miss your train home while you finish up something in the office? Set up notification for five minutes before the next train or bus, and MUNI Rider will give you a ring. Turn on a daily alarm to be alerted
few minutes before your train to work, no matter what time it is. 8:30, 5:00, 12:00 – MUNI Rider can be set to ring however many minutes before your desired train. Additionally, MUNI Rider saves your most recent stops for quick look up, and lets you to quickly browse, map and find the stops nearest to you.
You can also scan Twitter messages related to your trip right from within this app: see what others are thinking, or why your train is 20 minutes late.

CityRat's SF MUNI Rider 更新内容

Release 1.7:
1. Nearby Stops revamped. Now you can immediately see predictions for top found stops in the list.
2. Twitter messages are displayed for each stop selection.
3. Post your own tweets: warn others of any problems with MUNI, share what's on your mind, etc.
4. Context menus for stops extended for easier navigation and My Stops management.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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