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Boyfriend Test Free

Boyfriend Test Free

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Boyfriend Test Free Boyfriend Test Free Boyfriend Test Free Boyfriend Test Free

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The boyfriend test is the hilarious way to learn more about the person you’re dating.

(upgrade to full version for only $0.99 during March.)

This test is perfect for anyone 14 and up.

The test itself is adapted from the best-selling book “The Boyfriend Test” by professional comedian/radio talk show host Joe Devlin. (Also available as an e-book and android download.)

More fun than a shotgun, it’s all the questions your dad would ask IF he had a sense of humor.

The Test:

The questions were developed using with you and your boyfriend having a sense of humor. Each question has a series of funny but related answers – and is very telling. You can tell what your dad would think of your boyfriend based on how he scores on the test.

This version has 20 questions. When you upgrade to the full version there are over 75 questions randomized into a 50 question test with 5 bonus questions. So the test is different each time you give it.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Joe Devlin

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