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TaskBot - To-do List

TaskBot - To-do List

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TaskBot - To-do List 截图

TaskBot - To-do List TaskBot - To-do List TaskBot - To-do List TaskBot - To-do List TaskBot - To-do List TaskBot - To-do List

TaskBot - To-do List 描述

TaskBot: the most elegant and intuitive To-Do App on Android.

TaskBot is a minimalist To-do app with an intuitive and awesome-looking user interface.
Main Features:
- Smart Mode
- Speech to text
- Notification for Tasks due today and/or overdue Tasks
- Inspirational Quotes
- Choose different Fonts for your To-Dos. (Menu > Choose Font)
- Different Themes for UI
- No Ads
- Password Protection
- Sorting To-Dos automatically
- Different Sorting Options
- Due Dates
- You can check off your To-Dos from widget
- Elegant and simple UI without all unnecessary details.(If you don't believe me check out the screenshots ^^)
- Medium and Large widgets

TaskBot aims to be the most intuitive and elegant looking To-Do app on Android without sacrificing features.

Widgets only work if you have android 2.2 or above

Need Support? Use FeedBack option in TaskBot and I will help as soon as possible :)

TaskBot - To-do List 更新内容


--== Version 3.0.0 ==--

- Added Smart Mode (Beta)!

- Rewritten Notification System.

- Inspirational Quotes in New and Edit Task windows! (for medium and larger screen sizes)

- Completely rewritten Due date picker. Now it has a ”No date” option and better readability.

- New and Edit Task windows are now scrollable if keyboard pops up.

- Auto-Correct for title input in New and Edit Task Windows.

- Speech-to-Text input will be automatically capitalized.

- Minor bug-fix for widget

TaskBot - To-do List 历史版本

TaskBot - To-do List 使用技巧

TaskBot - To-do List 信息

办公商务 效率办公
Android 2.1.0 以上

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