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Operation Barbarossa LITE

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Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE Operation Barbarossa LITE

Operation Barbarossa LITE 描述

Conflicts: Operation Barbarossa is a highly rated turn based strategy game set on the Eastern Front during the Second World War.
This is a free 15-turn-version of Operation Barbarossa. In-App purchase called "Finish Ongoing Game" is available if you wish to play the current ongoing game to its end. The full version of Conflicts: Operation Barbarossa is available as a separate app at http://bit.ly/zRMWGP
You are in the command of the German WWII armed forces - tanks, infantry and air force units - and the object of the game is to conquer the Soviet Union as quickly as possible. To have a chance to seize the top spot in the Hall of Fame you need to skillfully encircle scores of Red Army infantry units with your panzers, while battling both the feared T-34 tank units and the notorious Russian weather.
+ Historical accuracy: Campaign mirrors the historical setup of Operation Barbarossa.
+ Long-lasting: Thanks to in-built variation and the game's smart AI technology, each game provides a unique war gaming experience.
+ Competitive: Measure your strategy game skills against others fighting for the Hall of Fame top spots.
+ Supports casual play: Easy to pick up, leave off, continue later.
+ Reinforcements and replacement units, plus new unit types if the war lasts several years.
+ Experienced units learn new skills, like improved attack or defence performance, extra move points, damage resistance, ability to cross rivers without losing extra MPs, etc.
+ Settings: Various options are available to alter the look of the gaming experience: Change difficulty level, choose icon set for units (NATO or REAL) and cities (Round, Shield, or Square), decide what is drawn on the map, change font and hexagon sizes.
+ A large range of units under your command: tanks, infantry, motorized infantry, weak Axis infantry, Waffen SS troops, the German air force and espionage units. Meanwhile, the Red Army starts with weaker infantry, cavalry and tank units, but as the weeks pass, is reinforced with stronger Siberian and T-34 tank units.
+ Weather modeling: Spring/autumn Mud slows movement, while winter reduces line-of-sight and freezing cold hampers units (especially mechanized ones).
+ Tablet friendly strategy game: Automatically scales the map for any physical screen size/resolution from small smartphones to HD tablets.
In order to be a victorious general in this strategy game, you must learn to coordinate your attacks in two ways. First, as adjacent units give support to an attacking unit, keep your units in groups in order to gain local superiority. Secondly, it is rarely the best idea to use brute force when it is possible to encircle the enemy and cut off its supply lines instead.
Join your fellow strategy gamers in changing the course of the Second World War!
Conflict-Series has offered highly rated Android-only strategy games since 2011. The campaigns are based on the time-tested gaming elements TBS (turn-based strategy) enthusiasts are familiar with from both the classic PC war games and legendary tabletop board games. I also want to thank the fans for all the well thought-out suggestions over the years which have allowed these campaigns to improve at a much higher rate than what any indie developer could dream of. if you have feedback about the Conflict-Series please use email, this way we can have a constructive back and forth conversion without all the limits of the store's comment system. In addition, because I have huge number of projects on multiple stores, it’s just not very sensible to spend handful of hours each day going through hundreds of pages spread all over the Internet to see if somebody has posted a question somewhere -- just send me an email and I will answer to it as soon as I'm online. Thanks for understanding!
你是在德国二战军队的指挥 - 坦克,步兵和空军部队 - 与游戏的目的是尽可能快地征服了苏联。有机会抢占名人堂的头把交椅,你需要巧妙地包围红军步兵单位的分数与你的装甲部队,作战时既担心的T-34坦克的单位和臭名昭著的俄罗斯的天气。
+ A大范围的单位的指挥下:坦克,步兵,摩托化步兵,弱轴步兵,武装党卫军部队,德国空军和间谍活动的单位。与此同时,红军开始较弱的步兵,骑兵和坦克的单位,但随着周通,与强大的西伯利亚和T-34坦克部队增强。
冲突系列提供了高度评价Android的唯一的策略游戏2011年以来的活动是以经过时间考验的游戏元素TBS(回合制策略)爱好者所熟悉的两个经典PC战争游戏和传说中的桌面棋盘游戏。我还要感谢球迷对所有经过深思熟虑的,多年来建议,这些都使这些活动,以提高在高得多的速度比任何独立开发者梦寐以求的。如果您有关于冲突的系列意见,请使用电子邮件,这样我们就可以有一个建设性的来回转换,而无需实体店的评论系统的所有限制。另外,因为我有多个门店的项目数​​量庞大,它只是不很懂事,每天花几个小时几个经历数百页传遍了互联网,看是否有人已经发布了一个问题的地方 - 只是给我电子邮件,我会尽快为我在线回答。感谢您的理解!

Operation Barbarossa LITE 更新内容

+ New background patterns 7-9
+ Unit might retreat in front of superior force
+ Setting: Yellow circle on Active Supply Cities
+ Warnings moved at the bottom of Campaign Status
+ Reminder: You can set volume buttons to zoom in/out
+ Minimap can be disabled via Minimap Size option
+ Fix: River crossing cost (could round down to 0 MP)
+ Placing minefield: Supplied location needed
+ New Russian infantry icon
+ 10% Faster screen update
+ FAQ relocated to Guide
+ 100 new quotations
+ HOF cleanup

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Operation Barbarossa LITE 信息

Android 4.1.x 以上

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