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Clutch Mobile Security Clutch Mobile Security Clutch Mobile Security Clutch Mobile Security Clutch Mobile Security Clutch Mobile Security Clutch Mobile Security

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Comprehensive security and management to protect company data on mobile devices.

Are you concerned about losing your phone or it being infected with malware, but don't want to affect your phone's performance? With Clutch Mobile, it's easy to protect your personal privacy with features including a phone finder, antivirus, or wiping and locking a lost device.

Companies can even register to secure all of the devices within their organization.

With our FREE personal account enjoy the following features:
- Antivirus
- Phone Finder
- Lock and wipe a lost or stolen device
- Sound an alarm on a lost phone even if volume is off
- Manage an unlimited number of devices
- Remote diagnostics
- Robust website to guard privacy remotely
- Minimal battery impact

Upgrade to a business account and you'll receive even more great features. For businesses, Clutch Mobile provides hosted security and device management. Companies can ensure their sensitive data is safe while their employees have access to personal tools to protect their privacy and personal data.

Business features include:
- Dashboard detailing security status of all devices
- Ability to set and enforce policies like password requirements
- Device diagnostics
- Remote wipe and lock
- Private app market for employees
- Reporting
- Easy user provisioning

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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