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Rays CNC Codes

Rays CNC Codes

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Rays CNC Codes Rays CNC Codes Rays CNC Codes Rays CNC Codes Rays CNC Codes

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Get Insider Codes, G Codes, X codes, fast, & Machine the World with Innovation.

Machining, Milling, Turning, and operating the Lathe is no kids play. Although common in today’s computerized world, most CNC machines are pre-programmed or are operated by a select few “intelligentsia” and specialists. Work with wood, you need a specialist. Work with metal, you need a specialist. Work with ice, you need a specialist. Work with Innovation, you need a specialist. Cutting, Drilling, Milling, despite being easy have stayed the forte of specialists. And yes, some of the best hobbyists in machining are specialists. So how does one become a specialist?

Fundamentals, and only Fundamentals are elementary, my dear, to becoming a specialist. Without fundamentals, it’s not only difficult, it’s next to impossible not just to become a specialist, but a hobbyist too. Without fundamentals, one cannot touch the controls of a machine, any machine, a car, a rocket, and even a CNC machine. Without fundamentals, one doesn’t even know what the controls are, leave aside controlling and manipulating these controls.

In this first app in the world (both the Android world and Iphone world) which details all CNC Codes with diagrams, with equations, with explanations, we bring you simplicity. Simplicity by simplifying the fundamentals of CNC machining. The G codes and the X codes, the H codes and the M codes. You heard of it. We bring it to you. All from A through Z. And all of them with pictures and diagrams and drawings – beyond the typical run-of-the-mill definitions.

So whatever arcs you choose, whichever axis you choose, whatever you want to drill into, whatever you plan to bore into, download the app, and keep pecking.

Level: Introductory / Basic

This course has passed through Subject Matter Experts and has their approval. However, as with any technology, theories and logic changes with time and difference of opinion may arise. We do appreciate such conflict of opinion. If you wish that your conflict of opinion should be incorporated in a future edition of this app, please write to us (alongwith the relevant proof for the conflicting opinion) and we would be glad to do due diligence to it.
As an example, despite the presence of ISO standards, most people still use FANUC standards which is manufacturer specific.

This app can be used offline.
This app is FREE.
This app is AD free.

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