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CNN在线新闻 v1.4.1

CNN在线新闻 v1.4.1


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重新设计的 CNN,将同时适用于您的手机和平板设备。帮助您了解来自世界各地的最新动态,随时掌握新闻头条和原版消息。

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CNN在线新闻 v1.4.1 CNN在线新闻 v1.4.1 CNN在线新闻 v1.4.1 CNN在线新闻 v1.4.1 CNN在线新闻 v1.4.1 CNN在线新闻 v1.4.1

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CNN connects you to the world -- wherever you are.
Passionate about the presidential election? CNN is the number 1 source for political news. Stay on top of the 2016 election stories you need to know. The CNN Politics team is working around the clock to bring you an election center that you can fit in your pocket.
Download the CNN app for live CNN coverage of presidential debates. Go inside the campaigns, from Clinton to Trump. Follow live updates and full results on primary nights for a focused view into America’s choice.
More interested in non-election news? Don’t worry — your CNN app is also your portal to the latest breaking news from around the globe. Even before opening your app, breaking news alerts give you the urgent notifications you need throughout your day. Open the app to scan the world’s top headlines. Explore CNN’s articles, video and interactive featured stories.
Quickly catch up on International, Opinions, Entertainment and other CNN coverage. Watch CNN TV live on your device. CNN now supports Chromecast and features the latest in breaking CNN 360 video.
Sync your Android watch and receive breaking news and top stories on your wearable device (available on select Samsung Gear and Android Wear devices).
Certain functions that add to your experience in the apps may require your permission. Accepting permissions can enhance some features of your app such as weather forecasts and the ability to share stories with your social networks. The CNN App may also ask your permission for “phone calls” to allow you to call CNN regarding story ideas or general feedback. CNN respects your privacy and would never misuse your personal information.
Have questions or feedback on the CNN app? E-mail us at Android@cnn.com. We are always looking for suggestions on how to provide the best experience possible for you.
CNN您连接到世界 - 无论你在哪里。
热衷于总统大选? CNN是数字1来源为政治新闻。留在你需要知道2016年的选举故事之上。 CNN的政治团队正在日以继夜地工作,为您带来一个选举中心,你可以放进您的口袋。
更感兴趣的非选举的新闻?别担心 - 你的应用程序CNN也是你的门户,来自世界各地的最新的重大新闻。即便在打开你的应用程序之前,突发新闻提醒给你你需要在你的一天紧急通知。打开该应用扫描全世界的头条新闻。探索CNN的文章,视频和互动功能的故事。
迅速赶上国际上的意见,娱乐和其他CNN报道。看CNN电视直播设备上。 CNN现在支持的Chromecast并设有打破CNN 360视频最新的。
同步你的Andr​​oid手表和接收最新消息和穿戴式装置顶部的故事(上选择三星齿轮和Android Wear设备可用)。
即添加到您的经验,在应用程序的某些功能可能需要您的许可。接受权限可以增强你的应用的部分功能,如天气预报,并与大家分享你的社交网络的故事的能力。 CNN的应用程序也可能会问你的许可,“电话”,让您致电CNN关于故事的想法或一般反馈。 CNN尊重您的隐私,绝不会滥用您的个人信息。
对CNN的应用程序问题或意见?在Android@cnn.com E-mail给我们。我们一直在寻找如何提供最好的体验给你的建议。

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Reintroducing smooth scrolling on all articles! You can now scroll articles at your own pace – no more flip pagination. We've also made it easier to browse collections of photos & video.

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