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Get Your Files On The Go
If you’re already backing up your laptop or desktop with the award-winning, cross-platform CrashPlan PROe, leverage the mobile app to restore your backed up files anytime, anywhere.
With the CrashPlan mobile app, you can securely access and restore backed up files from your Android phone or tablet. Just browse your backup archive and tap the files you want to download to your device. There’s no waiting for each file to finish before you select another.
After your files download, you can use your compatible apps to open, view, edit, or email files. You can also save pictures to the Photos app or play retrieved music and videos. Best of all, One-touch Update lets you get the latest version of your downloaded files.
- Browse folders and files in your backup archive
- Download and view as many files as you want
- Learn of file updates at-a-glance and get the latest version with just a touch
- Supports all security options: account password, archive key password, and custom key
Don’t have an account? Download a 30-day free trial to get started. There’s even a web-based management dashboard that makes it easy for backup administrators to manage backups for your entire business. (Note: Only the files backed from your computer to servers running CrashPlan PROe Server are accessible with the CrashPlan PROe mobile app.)
This app requires Android 3.2 or higher and a CrashPlan PROe 4.4.1 or greater server.
如果您已经备份您的笔记本电脑或台式机与屡获殊荣的,跨平台CrashPlan PROE,利用移动应用程序随时恢复备份的文件,任何地方。
- 浏览文件夹和文件在备份存档
- 下载并根据需要查看许多文件
- 了解在一览文件更新,并只需轻轻一触获取最新版本
- 支持所有的安全选项:帐户密码,归档密钥密码,并自定义密钥
还没有账号?下载30天免费试用开始。甚至还有一个基于Web的管理控制台,可以轻松备份管理员来管理备份你的整个业务。 (注意:只有从您的计算机备份到运行CrashPlan PROE服务器都与CrashPlan PROE移动应用程序访问服务器上的文件。)
此应用程序需要使用Android 3.2或更高版本以及CrashPlan PROE 4.4.1或更高版本服务器。

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系统工具 浏览器 优化
Android 3.2.x 以上
Code 42 Software

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