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Thai Dict - Droidslator

Thai Dict - Droidslator

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Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator Thai Dict - Droidslator

Thai Dict - Droidslator 描述

CM Thai Dict is the fast and easy Thai - English dictionary & English - Thai dictionary provides the easy, fun and fast way for learning english language. Our Thai fast and easy dict. app helps you translate and learn English language quickly and efficiently. Our app encourages you and your kids to learn English quickly. The following are the highlights.
*** New Features of CM Thai Dict ***
* Fast Dictionary with Copy-to-Translate - can translate from everywhere in your mobiles such as website, email very fast.
* Integrate CM TOEIC App - providing TOEIC examination and vocabulary
* User can use CM TOEIC as CU-Tep and TU-Get examination too.
- CM Thai Dict has more than 500,000 dictionary vocabularies
- Support translation over 20 languages
- Artificial translation
- Human translation service having more accuracy.
- Auto filter Irregular verbs, Inflection, -v3, -ed, -ies and etc
- High quality Text-to-Speech
- Online english quote images
- iBookmark - bookmark favourite vocabulary from your own and other users
- English sentence example
- Online learning english articles for practicing reading skill
- Online learning english youtube channels for practicing listening skill
- Online built-in chat for practicing writing and reading skills.
- Translation by voices (Thai and English)
- Idioms and phases
- Synonyms, antonyms
- Etc.
Our dictionary has all the advantages of other dicts so it will help you improve skills in speaking, writing, reading, listening, conversation and well prepare for the tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, CU-TEP, TU-GET and etc.
Our app collects vocabularies from many sources to covers most aspects of the daily life, from the restaurant to the hotel, the home to the workplace, outer space to the animal, even emotional and slash words. 语音翻译
CM Thai Dict (dictionary thai english) is created by adaptation of LEXiTRON developed by NECTEC Thailand www.nectec.or.th
CM泰字典是快速和容易的泰国 - 英语词典,英文 - 泰文字典提供了简单,有趣,快捷的方式学习英语。我们泰国快速和容易的字典。应用程序可以帮助你翻译和快速,高效地学习英语。我们的应用程序鼓励您和您的孩子快速学习英语。以下是亮点。
*** CM泰国快译通的新特点***
*与复制到快速翻译词典 - 可以翻译来自世界各地的在你的手机,如网站,电子邮件非常快。
* CM集成应用TOEIC - TOEIC提供检查和词汇
- CM泰字典有超过50万的字典词汇
- 超过20种语言翻译支持
- 人工翻译
- 有更多的人准确的翻译服务。
- 自动过滤不规则动词,活用,-V3,-ed,-ies等
- 高品质的文本到语音转换
- 在线英语报价图片
- iBookmark - 书签最喜欢的词汇从你自己的和其他用户
- 英语句子的例子
- 在线学习英语文章阅读练习技能
- 在线学习英语的YouTube频道进行练习听力技巧
- 在线内置聊天练习写作和阅读技巧。
- 通过语音转换(泰语和英语)
- 成语和阶段
- 同义词,反义词
- 等等。

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- Fix bug about notification

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考试学习 英语 背单词
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