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WotsNext - To-do / Task List

WotsNext - To-do / Task List

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WotsNext - To-do / Task List WotsNext - To-do / Task List WotsNext - To-do / Task List WotsNext - To-do / Task List WotsNext - To-do / Task List WotsNext - To-do / Task List

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Want an easy way to help organise your life and make the best use of your valuable time! WotsNext is here to help you do just that. An easy to use app that allows you to quickly add a task but has flexible and powerful features to keep you on top of your life.
* Ad free
* Quick and easy to create, edit and mark tasks off
* Assign user-defined categories to tasks
* Assign priorities to tasks
* Repeat tasks when completed - daily, weekly or monthly
* Set alarms to notify you when tasks are due, including the ability to set two alarms for a given task
* Re-occurring alarm notifications until cleared
* Daily notifications of your day’s tasks
* Search for tasks and calendar events
* Link a contact to a task that can be opened from the list
* Entered locations can be displayed in Google Maps
* Quick filters to allow you to quickly filter the task list to easy see what’s coming up
* Swipe task to set it complete
* Auto-deletion of completed tasks
* Snooze or set a task to complete from Alarm Notification (Android 4.1+)
* Daily backup of all your data to SD Card or even your Cloud storage with WotsNext Plus
* Support for tablets with landscape views
* 6 Color themes to choose from
* Home Screen widgets to suit all versions of Android. A new version takes advantage of features in new Android versions. For Android 4.2+ users, the widget can be placed on the Lock Screen
* View tasks by day, week or month with the Calendar Views
* Ability to view two days in Day Calendar View in landscape mode on 10" tablets and most 7" newer tabets
* Ability to view two weeks in Week Calendar View in landscape mode on 10" tablets and most 7" newer tabets
* Display calendar events stored on your device’s Google Calendar
* Export tasks in CSV or HTML formats for viewing and printing
* Synchronize your tasks and categories with all your devices running WotsNext Plus
* Access your Cloud storage to export files, sync devices and backup your data to. Currently Google Drive, Dropbox and Box are supported.
* More features are on their way...
To enable the Plus features in WotsNext, you need to purchase the WotsNext Plus Key available from the Android Market.
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希望有一个简单的方法来帮助组织你的生活,让你的宝贵时间的最佳利用! WotsNext是在这里帮助你做到这一点。一个易于使用的应用程序,允许您快速添加任务,但具有灵活和强大的功能,让你对你的生活之上。
*重复任务完成时 - 每天,每周或每月
*贪睡或设置任务的警报通知(安卓4.1 +),以完成
* 6颜色主题可供选择
*主屏幕小部件,以适应各种版本的Andr​​oid。新版本需要在新的Andr​​oid版本的优势功能。为Android 4.2 +的用户,widget可以放在锁屏
要启用WotsNext加号功能,您需要购买WotsNext加号键可从Android Market。

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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