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iZip - Zip Unzip Tool

iZip - Zip Unzip Tool

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iZip - Zip Unzip Tool iZip - Zip Unzip Tool iZip - Zip Unzip Tool iZip - Zip Unzip Tool iZip - Zip Unzip Tool iZip - Zip Unzip Tool

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iZip is the No. 1 App for ZIP file management on all mobile devices. Now fully re-designed for Android devices! iZip Free provides zip/unzip function for you on your Android phones and tablets. iZip Free includes the following features:
- Compress files into ZIP file.
- Compress photos and videos.
- Compress files using a plain password or an 256 bit AES password encryption.
- Open and extract files from ZIP format, including password protected and AES encrypted ZIP files.
- Open and view many document types: PDF, TXT, RTF, JPG, GIF, PNG, videos, audios, etc..
- Open and view Word, Excel, PPT documents through third party Apps.
- Append files to a ZIP file.
- Send files in Email.
- Open a file in another App.
- Import files from Google Drive, Box, and other cloud drives.
- Print documents.
- Manage files on your mobile devices, including Saving, Moving, Deleting, Sorting, Sharing, Sending files and Creating folders.
With its simple interfaces, iZip provides the easiest and most secure way to manage ZIP files on Android phones for business and professional users.
If you have any questions, please visit: http://www.comcsoft.com/Portfolio/our_apps/iZip/iZip_overview.php.
iZip是所有移动设备上的ZIP文件管理1号应用程序。现在完全重新设计的Andr​​oid设备! iZip免费在Android手机和平板电脑提供压缩/解压缩功能,为您服务。 iZip免费包括以下功能:
- 文件压缩成ZIP文件。
- 压缩的照片和视频。
- 压缩使用的是普通密码或256位AES密码加密的文件。
- 从ZIP格式,包括密码保护和AES加密的ZIP文件打开并提取文件。
- 打开并查看许多文件类型:PDF,TXT,RTF,JPG,GIF,PNG,视频,音频等。
- 打开并查看通过第三方应用程序Word,Excel和PPT文档。
- 附加文件的ZIP文件。
- 在电子邮件发送文件。
- 在打开另一个应用程序的文件。
- 从谷歌驱动器,箱,和其他云驱动器导入文件。
- 打印文档。
- 管理你的移动设备上的文件,包括保存,移动,删除,排序,共享,发送文件和创建文件夹。

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Now fully re-designed for Android. The most popular Zip file management tool has arrived on Android. Try the iZip Free to know how good it is. If you would like no Ads and more features, consider to upgrade to iZip Pro.

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Android 4.1 以上
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