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Eyeshadow Guru - The Eyeshadow Makeup App that Helps You Get the Perfect Look!
"Have you ever wanted to have an app that gave you the ideas, techniques and hottest eyeshadow looks at your finger tips"
Well now you can with Eyeshadow Guru but not only that, this app will let you take pictures of your best eyeshadow techniques, using the inbuilt camera and let you share them with eyeshadow lovers around the world!
Being eyeshadow fanatics we love the effects of eye makeup and how much it can make a difference to your overall look and not to mention your self-esteem! This app was built to give you the latest and Hottest eyeshadow looks and techniques, so when you have got a new outfit or want a new look this makeup app with give you the inspiration, the tips and techniques to help you pull it off and also help on how to apply eyeshadow makeup and your cosmetics and makeup in general.
Want to know how to get smokey eyes? neon eye effects? how to pull off pink eyeshadow or just want to get ideas how to apply eyeshadow in different ways - this app is FOR YOU!
We know there is such a huge group of eyeshadow and makeup enthusiasts out there! So that is why you can take a picture of your best eyeshadow look, upload it for everybody to see and admire and get new ideas for yourself and join the hottest eye shadow community.
Grab your Eyeshadow Guru Cosmetics App TODAY!

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