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Global Military Ranks Free

Global Military Ranks Free

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Global Military Ranks Free Global Military Ranks Free Global Military Ranks Free Global Military Ranks Free Global Military Ranks Free

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Military ranks from around the world, right in your pocket! This is the free version of Global Military Ranks. It is almost just as awesome as the full version but it lacks the test-yourself games and it is ad supported. ** IMPORTANT **Remember to update data from within the app by clicking the menu button and selecting "update", to get the latest database data. Whether you are actively serving in the military, working with military personnel or just interested in military forces, Global Military Ranks Free is an invaluable companion. Visit the appsite here: http://ranks.connect-utb.com/ Knowing your country's military ranks as well as others can be very useful. Browse ranks from numerous countries around the world with more being added. Currently featuring the US, UK, Germany, Egypt, Spain, Norway, Finland, Canada, Brazil, Japan, The Netherlands and Russia with many more additional countries being implemented depending on demand. Each rank is labeled with its corresponding NATO rank code or other equivalent. All branches and ranks have their associated insignias as well. Enjoy a large collection of military quotes, motto's and sayings from around the world, beautifully presented every time you start the app. All the above is packed in a stunningly stylish and good looking graphical interface. Global Military Ranks has been designed to work on all versions of Android from 2.2 and up, including Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0). Work is being done on tablet specific designs as well. No need to wait for app updates to get the latest quotes, ranks and other data. Update the data directly from the app any time you choose or have the app do it automatically for you every time you start it. If you are missing rank insignias or other graphics or get the green droid icons anywhere in the app, make sure you check the Android Market for the latest version of the app. New ranks and countries will be added very frequently, and user demand will dictate which countries get added first, so do shout out which ones you want the most. The lone developer has spent countless hours on the data gathering and application development and has been serving in the armed forced for 5 years so purchasing this app will ensure continued development and updates. Full list of currently featured ranks. Australia:* Army Brazil* Army Canada* Army* Navy* Air Force United States:* Air Force* Army* Coast Guard* Marine Corps* Navy Note: Currently only featuring officer ranks for Navy and Coast Guard. United Kingdom:* Air Force* Army* Navy Japan*Army Spain:* Army Russia:* Army Norway:* Army* Air Force* Navy Germany* Army The Netherlands* Army Finland* Army Installation and movement to SD-card is supported. Global Military Ranks requests two permissions. Their use is explained below: * WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: This is necessary in order to store the database on the external storage on the device.* INTERNET: An active internet connection is required in order to download the database.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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