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Meme Comics - Rage Reader

Meme Comics - Rage Reader

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Meme Comics - Rage Reader 截图

Meme Comics - Rage Reader Meme Comics - Rage Reader Meme Comics - Rage Reader Meme Comics - Rage Reader Meme Comics - Rage Reader

Meme Comics - Rage Reader 描述

Meme Comics is the best way to read the latest rage comics with your favorite memes. Troll face, fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu, cereal guy, me gusta and more.

Enjoy a huge database of comics with speed where are always a new comic to read.

In this application you will be able to check all the memes before they appear on 9GAG ( 9GAG.com), so you will be screaming repost every single time you'll go there.

You can read comics without moving through different screens, zooming and waiting for it to load. It is the speediest way to read rage comics available in the Android Market.


- Read the latest comics from reddit (fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu, all rages and advice animals)

- HD mode so you can see everything crystal clear in the main view

- Login to reddit

- Upvote and downvote the posts as you like!

- Best UI in meme readers

- Keeps loading comics until your battery charge runs out

- Different categories (Hot, Top, Controversial, New)

- Save your favorite comics to your smartphone

- Share with your friends through your apps

- Offline mode, so you can read your comics everywhere


Meme Comics - Rage Reader 更新内容



New Features:

- Added Offline Mode (now you can read your comics everywhere)

- Slight changes on UI

- Better pinch-zoom

- Bug fixes


New Features:

- Added a new source of comics (reddit advice animals)

- Updated UI

- HD mode available

- Reddit login

- Reddit voting system


- Android 4.0 design across all the devices

- Bug fixes







Meme Comics - Rage Reader 历史版本

Meme Comics - Rage Reader 使用技巧

Meme Comics - Rage Reader 信息

新闻阅读 漫画
Android 2.1.0 以上
Convex Pixel

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