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Cool 3D Gallery Cool 3D Gallery Cool 3D Gallery Cool 3D Gallery Cool 3D Gallery Cool 3D Gallery

Cool 3D Gallery 描述

This is a very cool alternative for your Gallery application.
The code for this application is free and that is the reason why many manufacturers include it in their Android devices by default, but not all. In my case I found that my Moto Defy phone would include a different Gallery, which is not too bad, but this one by Cyanogen is definitively cooler.
I looked for the application in the Android Market but it wasn't available so I decided to just upload it for everyone to enjoy (honestly, I can't take any credit for this app, it was built by the Cyanogen group and it is exactly the same as you will find in Samsung or HTC devices).
The application will organize all your pictures and videos in folders, and the best thing is that, if you grant it permissions to access your Picasa account, it will also show directly in the gallery all your Picasa pictures in a totally transparent manner, as you upload pictures to Picasa the application will show them in your phone. This is really cool and this app manages it very well, letting Android manage access rights in a totally transparent manner.
It can also process pictures in batch, crop and rotate images, assign detail location to pictures so they appear geo-positioned when uploaded to places like Picasa, and many other cool features that are really nice to have.
I have received so much feedback requesting new enhancements that I decided to build the most demanded ones including:
- New Settings screen.
- Ability to choose not to use Picasa.
- Sort the Share To menu options in descending or ascending order, so you will be able to see all your applications even though scrolling in that Share menu option is not possible. (Thanks to all the people who suggested this, it is a very good idea).
- Ability to Copy the images and videos to a different folder.
- Direct link to a full File explorer, to help even more to get all your pictures and videos organized.
- Hide Folders option, so the Gallery will not show any folder that you consider you don't need to see or you don't want to be easily seen.
- Ability to manually trigger the media scanner. Do you ever think that not all pictures are loaded and you need to restart your phone to get them in the Gallery? That is a standard Android behavior, it is called the Media Scanner and you will be able to launch it manually now from this Gallery.
- Back control on Video Player. Parents will find this useful when their kids are watching videos.
I hope you like the application as much as I do. I have put a lot of my time and effort in understanding and enhancing this application, not an easy task; so these new features in the Settings menu will be supported by unobtrusive ads. Please note that since standard banner ads would not fit in a Gallery application like this one you will be receiving one notification bar ad every two days, less ads than any standard banner ads supported application in any case. And as always you can opt out the ads in the usual support page at www.leadbolt.com/opt/app/.
Thank you if you decide not to opt out as that little ad you will receive in your notification bar once every two days doesn't look too much but it will pay for the Google Play licence, the servers and the late hours invested in adding the new features you requested in your feedback.
Alternatively you can buy the Pro version of the application which will not include ads, and send us a big "Thank You Guys" for the effort in putting this together.
Thanks to the Cyanogen group for this sensational piece of code.
我看着在Android Market中的应用程序,但它是不可用的,所以我决定只把它上传,供大家欣赏(说实话,我不能采取任何信贷为这个应用程序,它始建氰组,它是完全一样的,你会发现在三星或者HTC器件)。
- 新设置屏幕。
- 可以选择不使用Picasa。
- 购排序降序或升序排列的菜单选项,所以即使滚动在该股份菜单选项是不可能的,你就能看到所有的应用程序。 (感谢所有的人谁建议,这是一个很不错的主意)。
- 能够复制到不同的文件夹中的图像和视频。
- 直接链接到一个完整的文件浏览器,以帮助更是让所有的图片和视频组织。
- 隐藏文件夹“选项,以便画廊将不显示任何文件夹,你认为你不需要看到的,或者你不想很容易地看到。
- 手动触发媒体扫描仪的能力。你是否想过,并不是所有图片加载,您需要重新启动您的手机,让他们在画廊?这是一个标准的Andr​​oid行为,它被称为媒体扫描仪,你将能够手动启动它现在从这个画廊。
- 返回控制视频播放。家长会发现这个有用的,当他们的孩子观看影片。

Cool 3D Gallery 更新内容

v1.006: Fixed issues with Movie Player.
v1.005: Fixed the issues with screen rotation. Now rotating the screen will not automatically ove the Gallery to the root folder.
v1.003: New Settings Menu with the most popular features requested by all users. I hope you like it because understanding and updating this Cyanogen code has been a nightmare! :)
Please keep the feedback coming and don't forget to change the rating back to 6 or 7 stars if you rated it with just one due to those bugs! LOL!

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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