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Sasol eBirds (Lite)

Sasol eBirds (Lite)

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Sasol eBirds (Lite) Sasol eBirds (Lite) Sasol eBirds (Lite) Sasol eBirds (Lite) Sasol eBirds (Lite) Sasol eBirds (Lite)

Sasol eBirds (Lite) 描述

This is a LITE version of Sasol eBirds of Southern Africa and is fully functional but includes ONLY 30 species, compared to 971 species in the full app. If you like the way this app works please check out the full version.
NB: Please note that an additional download of 30MB is required once this app has been installed. Please ensure you use a WiFi connection to prevent additional data costs.
"In southern Africa the Sasol eBirds would undoubtedly be my first choice. The text is detailed, the navigation system is user friendly and the opportunity to listen to recordings of calls and songs is a huge asset. Above all, the superb paintings by Norman Arlott and Peter Hayman have stood the test of time and are more detailed, more accurate and more life-like than anything on offer in other birding apps for the region." — Mark Cocker, author of Birds and People
- Images, distribution maps and text descriptions of 30 bird species found in the Southern African region.
- Audible calls for 29 bird species
- A "Smart Search" that allows you to easily identify a bird using beak shape, bird size, bird colour and habitat.
- You can select a region of Southern Africa, so that the lists of birds throughout the program display only the birds in your region. Includes GPS detection of your current location.
- "Bird Compare" to allow you to compare two birds on the same screen (including calls).
- A personal bird list that stores your bird sightings saved to the device* and can be exported to your storage card, email or to ebird.org extended record format.
- GPS location tagging of bird sightings.
- View the Bird Index by English or Afrikaans bird names.
* Uninstalling the program will result in the loss of your list, it is recommended that you keep your own master list separate from the program.
“在南部非洲的沙索eBirds无疑是我的第一选择,文字详尽,导航系统是用户友好的,并有机会听电话和歌曲的录音是一笔巨大的财富,最重要的是,高超的绘画诺曼Arlott和彼得海曼经受住了时间的考验,更详细,更准确,更逼真的比报价在该地区其他观鸟应用任何东西。“ - 马可卡,鸟类和人民作者
- 图片,分布图和南部非洲地区发现30种鸟类的文字描述。
- 29种鸟类发声电话
- 一个“智能搜索”,可让您使用鸟嘴的形状,鸟的大小,颜色鸟类栖息地和容易识别的鸟。
- 您可以选择南部非洲的一个区域,让鸟类在整个程序中显示的仅列出您所在地区的鸟类。包括全球定位系统检测您的当前位置。
- “鸟比较”,让您在同一个屏幕(包括电话)上比较两个鸟。
- 个人的小鸟列表,其存储保存到设备*你的鸟的踪迹,并可以导出到存储卡,电子邮件或ebird.org扩展记录格式。
- GPS定位观鸟的标记。
- 查看鸟类指数由英国或南非荷兰语鸟的名字。

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Brought new functionality inline with full/paid version.

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