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Growth Chart Lite

Growth Chart Lite

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Growth Chart Lite Growth Chart Lite Growth Chart Lite Growth Chart Lite Growth Chart Lite Growth Chart Lite Growth Chart Lite Growth Chart Lite

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Growth Chart - an accurate infant/teenager growth tracker
"Growth Chart Lite" helps you to keep track of your children’s growth from birth to 20 years old. It accurately calculates the growth percentile of the weight, height and head circumference based on age and gender, using the most recent US CDC and WHO data, the same data that are used by your pediatrician.
You can add multiple children (Pro version only) and save all your data to the database for future review. The saved data can be viewed as tables, or as graphs (measured values vs. ages, or percentiles vs. ages). It provides you with the median value of weight/height/head CC at your children’s age, and you can get the values at any percentile by easily sliding the percentage bar. So you can compare your children’s growth with that of others, and log your children’s growth history and learn the trend.
Key features include:
-Keep track growth of multiple children (Lite supports only one child);
-Save data to SD card (Pro and Lite) or restore the saved data from SD (Pro only);
-Provide growth data for infant, toddler, teenager and youth below 20 years old;
-Support multiple units for measures, including lb/oz/ft/in and cm/kg;
-Log and view the growth history;
-Analyze data using tales or graph.
The Lite version of the program has limited functionality. If you want to get a fully functional version (also without AD), please upgrade to the "Growth Chart Pro" (http://market.android.com/details?id=com.cooloy.GrowthChartPro). The application is developed by cooloy.com. Thanks for your support!
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Android 2.3.2 以上

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