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Cox Home Security

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Cox Home Security Cox Home Security Cox Home Security Cox Home Security Cox Home Security Cox Home Security Cox Home Security Cox Home Security Cox Home Security

Cox Home Security 描述

Cox understands that a home security system should help protect everything important to you – not just your home, but also your family, your time and your budget. With the Cox Homelife Monitoring and Automation Application you can manage your home and control your Cox Homelife system when at home, at work, or on the go.
You can:
- Arm and disarm your system
- View/Record live camera feeds and Images
- Control connected thermostats and lights
- Lock and unlock connected door locks
- Enable and disable existing rules
- HD Camera support
- Check the current status of your system
- View system event history by date and filtered event type
- View individual zone states (open, closed, battery, temperature, etc.)
Note: This application’s features may vary depending on the devices installed in your home.
Supported State*: AZ, CA, CT, OH, OK, RI, AR, VA, NE, KS, GA, IA, NV, LA, FL
(* - Service not available in all areas)
To use this app, you must be a current Cox Home Life customer. Please call 1-877-404-2568 to sign up or learn more about Cox Home Life.
考克斯明白,家庭安全系统应该保护的一切重要的是你 - 不只是你的家,也是你的家人,你的时间和预算。随着考克斯HOMELIFE监测和自动化应用程序,你可以管理你的家和控制您的考克斯HOMELIFE系统在家的时候,在工作中,还是在旅途中。
- 布防和撤防系统
- 查看/录制现场摄像头饲料和图像
- 控制连接温控器和信号灯
- 锁定和解锁连门锁
- 启用和禁用现有的规则
- 高清摄像头支持
- 检查你的系统的当前状态
- 查看系统事件按日期历史和过滤事件类型
- 查看各个区域的状态(开,关,电池,温度等)
(* - 在所有地区都可获得服务)

Cox Home Security 更新内容

• Supported O/S Versions: Android 2.3 - 4.4
• Enable and disable existing rules
• Now Offers New Tablet User Experience
• Gives users the ability to record live video and save recordings to their device
• Gives users the ability to take camera snapshots and save images to their device
• HD Camera Support

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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