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Cracked Reader Lite Cracked Reader Lite Cracked Reader Lite Cracked Reader Lite Cracked Reader Lite Cracked Reader Lite

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The Cracked Android app is finally here! If you like Cracked, own a mobile device and just generally want to seem like an interesting person, this is the app you’ve been waiting for. The Cracked Reader Lite combines all of the mind blowing facts (did you know a zombie apocalypse is scientifically possible, and would fail almost immediately?), pop culture analysis (why is Back to the Future secretly horrifying?), and info-graphics (a body map explaining what your neck tattoo says about you to prospective employers) that have made Cracked the fastest growing humor brand in the world.
* An easy to navigate, fast loading feed featuring all of our latest content.
* Faster loading and easier to navigate versions of all of our content.
Fans are already calling it a major breakthrough in laughing at your mobile phone.
******The latest version is a big update! Not only are we bringing you a sleeker design, we’ve loaded the Cracked Android app with more mind-blowing facts than ever before. Some of the newest features include:
-We've removed the little banner ads that gives our fans and our engineers heartburn
-Redesigned the home page to give you more and more of the content you love
-Tired of clicking? Play videos directly from the list view!
-A customizable category and columnist menu, so you can see only the categories and columnists that are important to you
-And many, many bug fixes
As always, there is more work to be done so be sure to email us your feedback at support@cracked.com!
- 和很多很多的bug修复

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Cracked Fans -
We've been hard at work building another version of the Cracked Lite app. Some new things you'll find in this update include a new scrolling feature on the home page, a "shake for a random article" feature which you can enable in your settings and several major bug fixes that should resolve the crash issues some of you are experiencing.
As always, we welcome your feedback to help us improve on the Cracked Lite app. Please continue to send your thoughts to support@cracked.com

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Android 2.3.3 以上
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