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The game is very simple to play but yet so difficult to master! Just tap with the finger as fast as possible: Up, Down, Left or right keys when matching icons appear near the triangle guy. Be careful: If you are slow or if you click the wrong key you will lose a life. (Other Crazysoft games you might know: Paintball 2, Frutakia, Psarakia, Snake Deluxe, Smart Games)
This is a rhythm game. The gameplay is a mix of guitar hero, wii games, tap tap revenge, tap tap revolution and tap tap music but its way easier. After you warm up a little you will be ready to do the americano, saxobeat, stapmania, beatmania, stepmania dancer. This is one of the music games that is meant for both kids and adults by adjusting the difficulty. What are you waiting for? Get this beat dance game, its free!
• Dancing moves / trophies:
After you warm up (dance workout) the real dancing begins. There you can do special dance moves (trophies) if you know them. Each trophy will be shown if you reach the points needed. At the main menu, go to the trophies page to see how many points you need for each trophy. When the required points are gathered the trophy's icon first appears to alert you. After a while its four step keys are shown to you. Hurry up and click the keys shown to activate it. If you are successful a trophy icon will appear, if not you will have to do this again when the trophy reappears.
• Speed bar:
If you have activated at least one trophy then the speed bar (next to the life dots) will be enabled. The bar will raise depending on the speed you click the correct keys. If you are fast, it will raise fast.
• Foot button:
When the speed bar (next to the life dots) gets full it will enable the foot button (it will light up). You can click this button anytime you wish to do a dance move (trophy) you have already learned. Click it and then click the four arrow keys of your dance move (Go to the trophy page to remember them). If you click the foot button and successfully do a trophy, you can click the foot button repeatedly and get extra points until the trophy is over.
• Perfect sync:
If you click the foot button and stop the dancing fellow with both his foot down on the ground then you will achieve a 'perfect sync' (see sync icon on the trophy icon). This way an extra arrow icon will appear at the end of the trophy (if successful) and by clicking it you will repeat the dance move. Repeating 4 times will give you a life.
• Combo:
A combo (that is to do another trophy right after one trophy ends) will be activated only after you do all the dance moves (trophies) you know. You must do them yourself (with the foot button). When you know many moves the combo will be repeated more than once. The trophies made while at combo count as moves for the future combos.
• Completely free with mandatory ads. Nothing extra to buy..
• Funny cartoon graphics!
• Amazing frenetic fast gameplay!
• Designed for short gaming (breaks,metro).
• Super addicting!
• Many dance moves to unlock
• Export Hi-Scores to internet
SUPER OFFER: This version is now the full working version (costing 1.99Euros), without any limits completely FREE with mandatory ads.
DONT LIKE ADS? Get the ads free / offline version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crazysoft.danceme2
pdasnews.com review: "This is an overall smart game which has a lot of fun to offer. Trophies blast the gameplay to a new level and gives you unlimited hours until you get bored with it. Totally suggested as a family game or a difficult sync action/memory game..."
本场比赛是很简单的玩,但却又如此难以掌握!只需轻点用手指尽可能快地:上,下,左,右按键匹配时,图标会出现接近三角形的家伙。小心:如果你是缓慢的,或者如果你点击错了键,你将失去一个生命。 (其他Crazysoft游戏,你可能知道:彩弹2,Frutakia,Psarakia,蛇豪华,智能游戏)

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