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PaintBall 2 is the successor of our best seller, original award winning game, developed in a way that we can guarantee it will keep you hours and hours on your phone.
What is paintball? It's not about the war game or any other shooter games, its literaly about painting the ball. There is a given pattern of colored balls and some pipes around them. You are given an amount of paint color to draw and change the color of any of the balls in the scene trying to match 3, 4 or 5 balls near a pipe, this way the pipes suck these matched balls and new paint is given to you. The gameplay is very different from the well known and cloned match 3 swapping candy fluffy games like candy crush soda and candy crush saga games. Try it and you'll get hooked.
• Game Objective:
You have to make groups of 3 or more balls of the same color. These groups must be made next to a pipe. Paint balls by tapping on them. When you click on the ball you wish to paint, the ball changes color and the group gets sucked into the pipe.
• Tips:
Using the same pipe makes it hot. If a pipe becomes extra hot the balls are transformed into multi-color which gives you extra points & life. Letters appear on some balls. When balls are grouped, the letter taken, complete the word 'PaintBall' on the bottom. When all word is completed a big bonus is earned!
• Hard: The Hard game works exactly like the Easy game, but you have to play fast because your paint reserve is dripping! If it runs out, you lose.
• Panic: In Panic mode you have 100 sec. to score as much as possible. This is not all! Your paint reserve is dripping & there are no black balls. This makes it easier to make groups.
• Heat: In this mode, ball groups are taken only when they are next to a hot (red) pipe. Each time this happens active (red) pipes are moved. There are no black balls, which makes it easier to make groups. This mode needs planning!
• Chroma: In the Chroma mode you will have to play using color combinations e.g.: if you have yellow paint & the ball you want to paint is blue. Blue and yellow will be: Green. Use the color wheel to keep track. If you mix opposite colors you get black.
* award winning gameplay
* hours of gameplay craziness - mania guaranteed
* many modes to play
* fast playing ideal for waiting rooms/buses
* Export Hi-Scores to internet
* change ball styles
UIQ 2008 Open Winner for the games category!
gamefreaks365: So, do you need Paintball 2? If you don't have Paintball yet, the answer is a definitive 'yes'. Paintball still is a fresh and amazingly addictive puzzle game.
allaboutsymbian: PaintBall 2 is a solid puzzle game with enough variety in the game modes to suit a whole range of tastes and moods. It's been well implemented with clear graphics and distinct sound, and an intuitive control system. All in all, pretty good!
pocketgoddess: PaintBall 2 is one of those games to which you can quickly find yourself hopelessly addicted, but you’ll also keep coming to it again and again, trying to improve upon your high score each time.
(This is the LITE version. It has limited gameplay. If you like the game please buy the full version and support our effort.)
*小时的游戏疯狂 - 躁狂症保证
UIQ 2008中打开得主为游戏类!

彩弹游戏 更新内容

* Game returns to LITE version. This is because the ads trial period is over and it cannot sustain our development.
* Now there are no ads.
* Ability to be able to buy the full version without ads.
* Now you can play limited gameplay.
CAUTION: If you want the full version 'do not update' and keep the previous version. If you do update you will not be able to continue the game since this is the Lite version and goes until certain point.

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