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Cruise Guide - Cannes

Cruise Guide - Cannes

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Cruise Guide - Cannes Cruise Guide - Cannes Cruise Guide - Cannes Cruise Guide - Cannes Cruise Guide - Cannes Cruise Guide - Cannes

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The only FREE GUIDE dedicated to the CRUISE PASSENGERS without internet connection (100% Offline)."Cruise passenger Guide" enables visitors to discover the points of interest of the city, during their stopovers without roaming charges.A set of unique features thoughts for cruise lines:• Rich and detailed content provided by the tourism offices of the cities.A directory of hundreds of points of interest (museums, monuments, sites to see...) with detailed descriptions, photos, hours/days of openings. This content is updated regularly by the official tourist entities. The tourist can start at any time, an update of the content of its guide for free in its country of origin or in a wifi zone on arrival in the city.• Customized tours: the guide allows you to define a personal circuit, before or during your stopover, by selecting different points of interest.• Merchants offerings: cruise passengers can benefit of special offers or coupons for bars, restaurants and other business that are partners.• A real offline hiking GPS: the guide allows an automatic location and displays the best foot path to the different points of interest. No internet connection is required.Main features:• Free Guide• No roaming charges (100% Offline without bad surprise for foreign tourists)• Free and frequent updates• Languages: French, English, German, Spanish and ItalianOther available guides:• Nice - Cruise Passenger Guide• Cannes - Cruise Passenger Guide• Villefranche-sur-Mer - Cruise Passenger GuideGuides have been created on the initiative of the French Riviera Cruise Club, with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Nice Côte d'Azur, the Tourism Offices of the FRCC members, and the Committee of Regional tourism.

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