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Cut Half Chicken

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Cut Half Chicken Cut Half Chicken Cut Half Chicken Cut Half Chicken

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Cut Half Chicken is a new addictive apps suitable for adults and kids. Are you in the mood to cut your home items like the home or garden rope into 2 halves? This game apps cut into your brain as it challenge your eye vision and body reflection to slice into pieces of what is infront of you. While Cut Half Chicken is an action oriented games. It also provides a running game that cut into the chic which run towards a rope and 2 different direction. Next challenge is an eagle that cut furiously into the sea and start to slice the water into halves to catch the fish and crab for its meal.The third in Cut Half Chicken apps is a simple but fun bubble shoot game. You need to cut across the net which made of rope in 2 dimension. Beware though there is dangerous items float along the cutter and knife. The game is over if you pick on these dangerous items Tip to score in Cut Half Chicken apps1) For the running chick, pick as many worms as possible. Each worm you pick give 10 points. However, there is a trap in between which cause you a live if you pick on it. You have a chance to gain a live by pick on the red color octagon item2) For eagle game, pick up as many fishes and crabs without touching the black bug. Once you do that, the game will stop3) The Bubble shoot game is the simplest to score by which you just need to pick those floating cutting tools. Watch out though not to pick the wrong itemGet the fun of Cut Half Chicken apps and start to download it to have fun with the game in it.

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