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Attention Grabber

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Attention Grabber Attention Grabber Attention Grabber Attention Grabber Attention Grabber Attention Grabber Attention Grabber Attention Grabber Attention Grabber Attention Grabber

Attention Grabber 描述

A unique home screen note Widget App! When you place a Note on your screen with this app the screen note automatically changes colors periodically! Your screen notes and reminders will always grab your attention.
"I use Attention Grabber Note Widget because it actually helps me pay attention to the note and reminds me of its message." - Jessica Cam Wong (makeuseof.com)
"It works Everything else on homescreen gets ignored, this always gets my attention! " - Play Store User Review
How it works:
Do you put screen note widgets on your home screen to remind you of something? After a while the screen note disappears from your awareness because your brain gets use to the color and position of the screen note. This is called Brain Adaptation. You actually stop seeing the note causing the message you are trying to keep in mind to become lost in the background.
Attention Notes solves this problem by randomly changing the text and background colors of your screen notes. The changing colors of the note will grab your attention causing to take notice of it.
- 420 different text and background color combinations
- 12 different widget sizes: 1x1, 2x1, 2x2, 3x1, 3x2, 3x4, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4, 5x5, 6x5, and resizable
- Ability to cycle between multiple screen notes in the same screen widget! Four notes are allowed in the Ad-Support version. Unlimited notes are allowed with an in-app purchase
- 11 different time durations between changes: 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, - 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 24, 48 hours, and randomly between 6 and 24 hours
- Does not use any long running services. Uses the Android Alarm Manager. Thus, will not affect battery life.
- No nosy or intrusive permissions
Permissions description:
- USB Storage: Need to write and read backups on your sdcard
- Network access: Needed to facilitate in-app purchases and advertisements
- Google Play billing service: Needed for in-app purchases
If you have any question, comments, suggestions, or are having issues using this application please send me an email at:
Or, visit http://www.dancingdroid.com/?page_id=1344" and click on the support link at the bottom to post a message in the discussion forum.
Ideas for use:
- Priorities reminders
- To do reminders
- Goals reminders
- Motivation quotes
- Encourage new habits by keeping them on the top of your mind
- Religious/Spiritual quotes
- Personal mission statement
- Personal mantra
- Affirmations
- Declarations
- Gratitude list
- New Year's resolutions
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“我用的关注焦点注意小部件,因为它实际上帮助我注意注意,并提醒其消息的我。” - 杰西卡凸轮黄(makeuseof.com)
“它的工作原理其他一切主屏幕上被忽略了,这总是得到我的注意!” - Play商店用户评论
- 420种不同的文字和背景的颜色组合
- 12种不同的部件尺寸:1X1,2X1,2x2的,3X1,3x2的,3X4,4X1,4X2,4X4的,5x5的,引脚6x5,并调整大小
- 有能力的周期多屏音符在同一个屏幕小部件之间!四个音符被允许在广告,支持的版本。无限的音符被允许用在应用程序内购买
- 变化的11个不同的持续时间:1分钟,15分钟,30分钟, - 1,2,4,6,12,24,48小时,且随机的6小时和24小时
- 不使用任何长期运行的服务。采用了Android报警管理。因此,不会影响电池寿命。
- 没有八卦或侵扰权限
- USB存储:需要写入和读取备份你的SD卡
- 网络访问:需要方便应用内购买和广告
- 谷歌播放结算服务:需要用于应用内购买
- 重点提示
- 要做到提醒
- 进球提醒
- 动机行情
- 通过保持它们在你心中的顶部鼓励新习惯
- 宗教/精神报价
- 个人使命宣言
- 个人的口头禅
- 誓
- 声明
- 感恩清单
- 新年的决议

Attention Grabber 更新内容

- Fixed bug that prevented notes from updating after a reboot.

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Attention Grabber 信息

Android 4.0.2 以上
Terry Walker - dancingdroid.com

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