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Music Library Free Music Library Free Music Library Free Music Library Free Music Library Free Music Library Free Music Library Free Music Library Free

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Easily catalog your record and/or CD collection and browse it on your Android device. Add titles by barcode scan or via the integrated Amazon.com search. Sort and search to quickly locate titles on the shelf. Use the coverflow view to effortlessly flip through your collection. Add custom album art by taking a picture or selecting from the gallery. Use the wish list to keep track of albums you want to purchase. Quickly load albums from a Google Docs spreadsheet. Full tablet support.Like Music Library Free? The paid version of Music Library offers: - Export to a Google Docs spreadsheet- Backup/restore functionality to protect your data- The latest enhancements first- No adsVersion History:2.4.3Updated to latest version of Google Drive SDK to fix breaking changes that were causing creation of import spreadsheet to fail.2.4.2Bug fixes for issues that can occur on initial launch on some devices.2.4.1Fixed issues with Google Drive upload when creating import spreadsheet. Revised import process to load from a comma separated value (CSV) file on the SD card as a workaround for lack of support for downloading a Google Drive spreadsheet as a CSV (see updated instructions on import tab). Added "title already exists" confirmation when scanning barcodes.2.4Ability to add more than one copy of an album. A confirmation prompt is now displayed instead of the "title already exists" message.2.3.1Resolved an issue with incorrect buttons being displayed on the action bar when editing a title on some devices.2.3Moved "Search" button to action bar for a more intuitive flow when adding titles (changes to "Save" after a search result is selected). Fixed issues with spreadsheet import from Google Docs.2.2Massive overhaul to bring application design and functionality in line with paid version. Full tablet support. Added footer with counts to title list. Added condition and comments fields. Various bug fixes.1.3Added "Import" menu item for bulk import of albums from a Google Docs spreadsheet.1.26Added "Download from Amazon.com" item to menu displayed when album cover is tapped on title edit screen. Fixed bug in cover flow view that was causing errors when cover art is missing.1.24Added barcode button to action bar. Modified scanning to support bulk scans for faster entry of library titles.1.23Added action bar for quicker access to common menu items. Fixed Amazon search functionality for older devices.1.22Fixed barcode scanning issue for Honeycomb users.1.21Modified image storage so that album covers do not appear in Gallery application with other images. Added enhanced crash reporting for quicker resolution of issues. Fixed bug in cover flow view when running on older versions of Android.1.2Added the ability to migrate titles and cover images from the free version to the paid version. This can be triggered via the "Complete Upgrade" menu item in the paid version of the application.1.1Added wish list functionality. Items can be added to the "Wish List" shelf and then moved to the appropriate shelf when purchased. Also added a filter option for wish list. Scroll position is now retained when returning to list and cover flow views from other screens.1.0.4Added the ability to change album covers by tapping the image. This displays a dialog with options for taking a picture, selecting from the gallery, or using the "no image available" image. After taking a picture or selecting from the gallery, the image can be cropped before saving.Future enhancements will include a web site for syncing & sharing your collection with friends.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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