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D20 DnD Dice Roller

D20 DnD Dice Roller

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D20 DnD Dice Roller 截图

D20 DnD Dice Roller D20 DnD Dice Roller D20 DnD Dice Roller D20 DnD Dice Roller D20 DnD Dice Roller D20 DnD Dice Roller

D20 DnD Dice Roller 描述

NOTICE: I unfortunately lost the signing key and won't be able to update this app further. I will be developing a new version with all the suggestions I've received over the years but current profiles from this version of the app won't be accessible because stuff :\
DnD Dice Roller for D20 and similar games. Supports the following features:
* Multiple Dice with Modifiers
* Naming and Saving Dice Profiles
* Loading Dice Profiles
* Long Press to Reroll Individual Dice and add Modifiers
Modifiers Currently Include
* Color Coding Min/Max of Individual Rolls
* Reroll 1's
* Drop Lowest
* Sort roll result

D20 DnD Dice Roller 更新内容

* Fixed reroll 1's error
* Modularized Modifiers so they stick and are saved with a dice profile
* Can remove individual dice by long press
* Can remove a modifier by long press
* This update invalidates dice profiles from the previous build due addition of modifiers and future plans.
* Added drop-lowest to long press options
* Fixed losing dice to orientation change
* Renamed package due to spelling error.
* Added saving modifiers in profile
* Added row option of rerolling 1's

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