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inDefend Mobile Backup

inDefend Mobile Backup

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inDefend Mobile Backup inDefend Mobile Backup inDefend Mobile Backup inDefend Mobile Backup inDefend Mobile Backup

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Fast, free and encrypted cloud backup app for Android.
inDefend Mobile Backup allows you to take backup of essential data from your smartphone and securely store it on our cloud server in encrypted format.
Please read the information below before using our app.
Users are advised to take a fresh backup of their data after an app upgrade.
* Selectively backup and restore messages, contacts, call logs , system settings, calendar, browser history and bookmarks
* Access all your backup states and export your backup data to your computer, using inDefend Mobile Backup - Desktop Agent. Find out more at https://indefend.appspot.com/desktop.html
* Completely encrypted backup where you can keep upto 10 backup states per phone
* Access backup states of all your smartphones mapped to your inDefend Mobile Backup account
* Backup data is stored on our online secure servers. Data can be restored from our servers to your phone any time you want
* Automatic (scheduled) backup enables you to take backup of these items at a scheduled time
* Set email notifications per backup operation to keep a track of information backed up from your smartphone
* Extremely fast and easy to use
If you are unable to download our app from the Google Play store after an OS upgrade on your smartphone, you can always try downloading our app from our product website: https://indefend.appspot.com/download.html
If you are facing an issue while taking a full backup, try taking backups of individual components, one by one.
Kindly drop us an email with appropriate details if you are facing an issue while using the application. Our team will look into the issue and address it at the earliest.
Click the following link to access our product website: https://indefend.appspot.com

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Android 2.0.1 以上

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