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Increase your manliness 207.4% with the MAN app by Date Hotter Girls!
Game plans. Diagrams. Articles. And more. The MAN app puts the expert advice of Date Hotter Girls in the palm of your hand with an app that’s dripping in awesomeness.
Join the thousands of men who have learned to attract gorgeous women the “Date Hotter Girls way.” The MAN app begins by assessing your strengths and weaknesses with the personalized “MAN Test.” Once you understand what you’re doing right/wrong, we’ll instruct you on how to improve your dating life through targeted articles, scanned pages from our secret company notebook, and even text messages to send (right out of our phone)!
Stop Apologizing For Being A Man
- Over 100 short motivational maxims from the “ComMANdments” list and the “Date Hotter Girls” laws to keep you driven and inspired
- Easy-to-follow, expertly drawn notebook diagrams that tell you everything from how to dress to how to get a woman’s digits (in under 2 minutes)
- More than a dozen “top-shelf” dating and attraction article pulled from Date Hotter Girls products that total over $350!
- Instant access to DHG's blog and Twitter so you get the latest “MAN NEWS” delivered right to the palm of your hand
Don’t Be A Man; Be THE Man
- Bonus materials include a FREE 45-minute MP3 audiobook recording of the award-winning men’s dating advice bible: The 4 Elements of Game
- Chock-full of personal anecdotes and misadventures (even a picture from the time he picked up a Supermodel in a bookstore!)
- Motivational essays and words of wisdom that will motivate you to take action and finally date the girls you REALLY want
- The perfect introduction to the underground men’s dating advice company that’s transforming lives around the world
Email Just Got A Whole Lot Manlier
- Downloading this app also includes an exclusive chance to join the coveted Date Hotter Girls newsletter FREE
***ATTENTION MEN WHO LOVE HOT WOMEN: Are you a guy who’s already enjoying success with women, or just beginning to take charge of you love and dating life? We’re temporarily offering this app FREE OF CHARGE to encourage men everywhere to take action and improve their dating success!
Tell Us Why You Love The MAN app & Be The First To Learn About Our Upcoming Updates:
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FOLLOW US: twitter/therobjudge
LIKE US: facebook.com/datehottergirls

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