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Sweeper 3D Sweeper 3D Sweeper 3D Sweeper 3D Sweeper 3D

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Based on the core mechanic of the popular minesweeper, adapted to a workable 3D gameplay, and brought to you by the maker of the popular DigiClock widget, Sweeper 3D is bound to become and instant classic! Now with Multiplayer! Yes, a Multiplayer, 3D bomb clearing game! ATTENTION: The ads have changed, banners are now replaced with a fullscreen ad. I hope it is less annoying. Any feedback on this is appreciated!!! Give Levels mode a try, it's super addictive! How to play: - Numbers only count bombs with full faces touching them, not corners! - Tap to clear a tile that isn't a bomb - Drag to rotate the cube - Use the flag button and tap to mark a tile that is a bomb. but be careful: marking incorrectly gives you a time penalty!! - Faces that change are never bombs, in case you get stuck There are 2 modes in the game: - A Classic mode closest to the original, where you aim for the lowest time. This is great for lunch breaks, or just a low-pressure brain teaser. Marking incorrectly adds 1 minute to your time, so only use it if you're sure! - The Levels mode is for the competitive. It's a race. The clock is constantly counting down. Thinking quickly will get you good scores. Time is lost for every incorrectly marked tile. Tapping clocks gives you extra time. Combos for clearing quickly give you extra points. At the end of each cleared level you get an extra 30 seconds. Then a new level starts. The higher you go, there's a higher chance of more bombs. Uses Unity 3D, a high quality game engine. * Internet permissions are for leaderboards IMPORTANT for HTC EVO and SENSATION users: This app can not be installed on the HTC Sensation or the Evo. The reason is apparently to do with Unity game engine and a driver issue from HTC. If this issue is ever resolved, the game will become available for those phones. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please don't rate it down because you can't install it! Reviews: "I can’t deny a good looking game when I see it." - Phandroid.com "Dit werkt verrassend goed en zorgt voor een flink grotere uitdaging" - AndroidGaming.nl Any bugs, feedback or suggestions? Please feel free to mail me. 基于流行的扫雷艇的核心机制,适应一个可行的3D游戏,给您带来的的流行DigiClock部件的制造商,扫地机3D必将成为经典的瞬间!现在有了多人!是的,多人游戏,3D游戏炸弹结算! 注意:该广告已经改变了,现在换成了一个全屏的广告横幅。我希望它是那么讨厌。任何反馈感激! 水平模式的一个尝试,它的超级上瘾的! 怎么玩: - 数字只能算炸弹,全触摸他们的脸,而不是角落! - 点击清除瓷砖,是不是炸弹 - 拖动鼠标旋转的立方体 - 使用标志按钮,然后点击“标记瓷砖,这是一个炸弹。但要注意:标记不正确给你的时间损失! - 面的变化是从来没有炸弹的情况下,你会被卡住 在游戏中有2种: - 原来,你的目标是最低的时间最接近的一个经典模式。这是伟大的午餐时间,或只是一个低压谜。标记错误地增加了1分钟的时间,因此,只有使用它,如果你相信! - 水平模式的竞争。这是一场比赛。时钟倒计时。快速思考会得到好成绩。时间失去了所有错误地标记的牌。自攻时钟,为您提供了额外的时间。连击的结算赶紧给你加分。在每个已清除的水平,你会得到一个额外的30秒。然后开始一个新的水平。你飞得越高,有较高的机会更多的炸弹。 使用Unity 3D,高品质的游戏引擎。 * Internet权限排行榜 重要为HTC EVO SENSATION用户: 此应用程序不能安装在HTC Sensation的或埃沃。究其原因,显然是为了使用Unity游戏引擎和驱动程序的问题,从HTC。如果这个问题解决过,本场比赛将成为这些手机。很抱歉的任何不便。请评价不下来,因为你可以不安装它! 评论: “我不能否认一个漂亮的游戏,当我看到它。” - Phandroid.com 的“秩werkt verrassend goed连接zorgt voor EEN弗林克grotere uitdaging” - AndroidGaming.nl 任何错误,意见或建议吗?请觉得自由寄给我。

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David Goemans

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