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FlexAgenda Time Plan

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FlexAgenda Time Plan FlexAgenda Time Plan FlexAgenda Time Plan FlexAgenda Time Plan FlexAgenda Time Plan FlexAgenda Time Plan

FlexAgenda Time Plan 描述

Quick and easy personal timetable/scheduling planner app.
This app helps You plan your time task-by-task.
What makes this tool unique (e.g. different from a typical calendar/todo-list manager app), is that tasks are glued together, so when You change one task, all subsequent tasks move in time automatically.
This gives You another way to get more organized and manage Your time and also keep Your motivation/discipline/focus and keep You on the right track with the goals You want to accomplish.
==== Why is it useful? ===
The app allows you to plan time in a more flexible and fine-grained manner than a calendar and with more precision than todo-list.
The practical and psychological benefits of this approach:
* planning time and a list of tasks helps keeping one's motivation/discipline. Procrastination be gone! Success literature authors, e.g. Brian Tracy advocate listing tasks for your day and "working off a list". This app goes one step further by providing a way to reality-check whether the planned tasks are going to fit into a given time-frame (e.g. a day or a free evening) and whether the tasks are gonna land at reasonable hours (e.g. whether you're not gonna end up going shopping after all shops are closed).
* thanks to the ability to estimate and calculate times in the app, one can reality-check the plan whether the planned tasks will fit into the time period that is available.
Although this app is general-purpose, there is a group of people who might have a particular interest in it - people with ADD/ADHD.
Many users of this app, who have ADD/ADHD report increased ability to focus and ability to master time better.
==== More about features ====
There is an option to have notifications at the start of every task.
You can share your plan/agenda with other people/apps.
Works even without network connection (offline).
You don't have to plan exactly one day (despite the name which is just hint). You can plan e.g. an evening/morning or even a number of consequent days (You can put "sleep" tasks to separate the days).
There is a possibility to remove advertisements using an in-app purchase.
Please feel free to request features - we read every e-mail and comment! Mail day.agenda.planner@gmail.com and/or leave a comment.
Also it's interesting to know that the authors use the app themselves.
Enjoy the app.
==== Permissions explained ====
* "Network access" and "View network connections" - for displaying ad (unless ad removed via in-app purchase).
* Access to SD card - for storing application's data.
This app was formerly known as "A2P Day Agenda Time Table Plan".
====为什么是它有用吗? ===
虽然这个应用程序是通用的,有一组谁可能在这一个特别感兴趣的人 - 与地址/多动症的人。
这个应用程序的许多用户,谁拥有ADD / ADHD报告提高集中能力和掌握时间的能力较好。
请随时要求的功能 - 我们读到的每封电子邮件和评论!邮件day.agenda.planner@gmail.com和/或发表评论。
*“网络访问”和“查看网络连接” - 显示广告(除非通过广告在应用程序内购买移除)。
*访问SD卡 - 用于存储应用程序的数据。

FlexAgenda Time Plan 更新内容

* Set font size via pinch-zoom 2-finger gesture
* Currently running task highlight
* Show agenda title and rename
* Quickly access agendas
* Light background option
* Increased cell vertical padding
* Speed-ups, e.g. on many tasks and notifications
* Hide/show task number
* Bigger buttons for large devices
* Table cells fill space vertically
* Fixed: start time was reset to 0:00 in rare case
* Long-press on checkmark/delete
* Move to 1st not-done task after clicking on notification

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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